29 February 2012

Join and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Mommy Bloggers PayPal Cash Giveaway!

Mommy Gagay teamed up with other Mommy Bloggers Dinampo Family, Cacai's Steps and Journey, My Journey Being a Mommy, Humble Opinion, Hands Full of Life, Simply Tina, Proud Mommy of Three, Pinay Mama, Thoughts from Home, Nita's Corner, Progressive Parenting to bring you this awesome PayPal cash giveaway! We’re giving you the opportunity to win PayPal cash and Early Learning Game Cards: Teach Your Child to Count to 10 from ChildUp.com!

The giveaway starts 2/29 @12:01am EST and runs through 3/14 at 12:01am EST!

The prizes are:

1st Prize: $50PayPal Cash

2nd Prize: $30 PayPal Cash

3rd Prize: $20 PayPal Cash

2 Winners of Early Learning Game Cards: Teach Your Child to Count to 10 from ChildUp.com

How to join?!?!

  1. Make a blog post about this giveaway which includes the giveaway badge and the sponsors' links. Just copy and paste the codes provided HERE. You can add lines before or after where you pasted the codes, but YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE ANY ALTERATIONS from the codes provided.
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  3. After completing the above tasks, kindly fill-in the Rafflecopter below.

26 February 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

The world is round, many would say that including scientists, believe that the world is round and that what goes around comes around. In so many ways it holds so much truth and that if you believe into something.

The year 2012 came around with a good start in my online activities and the blogging world this in part when I discovered or should I say I was introduced to a group called Bisdak Bloggers. The great camaraderie when it comes to helping each other unselfishly was awesome and so I got some great opportunities as well. It actually open up the world to earning online, although I am not earning millions or thousands in it for I don’t have much time to spend because of my day job. Yet I believe that if I work fulltime, I’m sure there’s more than what I could get from what I am earning online right now.

So recently, I was able to earn some amount that I have thrown a giveaway which I called $100 Vacation Giveaway since I am also on my way to a vacation. And if you are one of those who joined the giveaway then you might as well stick around and check out if you are one of those four (4) winners of Paypal credits worth $25 each.

There are 108 entries made and was validated thoroughly by myself and there's no duplicate and bogus entries so I let Rafflecopter do his job in choosing the four (4) winners.

16 February 2012

Start Experiencing an Easy Life Online

Internet innovation doesn’t stop to exist and it seems there’s something new that we can see each day. Every alternative that comes out has only one goal to achieve, to make our lives easier to live especially in the cyberspace. Countless have been using the internet since its inception and a myriad of information is out there for us to use but the problem is, it’s hard where to save them so we can come back without a hassle in a later date to use it.

However, clipix is altering that trend by offering a remarkable way of changing the way we organize our lives online. Much more that it is so easy to use and you can even customize it according to your needs that you can set your own privacy settings and share only to people you allow access to your clipboards. The options and features that you’ll find in Clipix is limitless, so you better visit now and open a personal account and start experiencing no hassle in organizing your online stuffs.
sir rorb clips
And every time you update or add something in your clips, it will be seen in real-time by everyone whom you have given access to it. This indeed saves me time to go back to different and numerous articles I want to read again especially that I am exploring the world of photography right now and having a marathon re-run of my favorite TV series. All of these in just one click and is unbelievably free too. Go to clipix.com and sign up for a free clipix account and start experiencing an easy life online.

Check out the clipix Youtube video below to learn more about this amazing and great offer for your life online.
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04 February 2012

Save Money on Your Medication

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a long term medication treatment for hypertension, diabetes and asthma will cost you a fortune if you aren’t wise in looking for discounted prices on your prescriptions. And if you are still looking for ways where to find discounted prices then why not try the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens. They offered tremendous and unbelievable benefits to its members.

You only have to pay an annual fee of $35 for a family membership that will cover everyone in your immediate family while for individual members have a minimal fee of $20 only. Aside from that, you will also received discounts on flu shots, diabetic supplies, your nebulizers and even your pet prescriptions. Isn’t it a great deal? You can’t ask for more with this kind of benefits that you will get from Walgreens Savings Club. You don’t only save money on your prescription medications but also on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications as well. You can also redeem your bonus dollars the next time you purchase at any Walgreens pharmacy.

And if you want to stay updated, follow Walgreens on Twitter or like Walgreens on Facebook. This way you’ll immediately get the latest information on promotions or special discounts.
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01 February 2012

Win an Apple iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle Fire

Not all may want to have an iPad or Kindle Fire but I am sure you won't miss owning either one of it if given the chance. So why wait and join now in Rafflecopter Giveaway to win an iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Give it a chance and who knows you might me one of the winners and much more that the mechanics of joining the giveaway is so easy.

image from wikimedia commons