21 June 2013

The Local Post Office Again

I went to the local post office today after my wife told me last night that they have called for I have a mail to be picked-up. I am already expecting for it as the main post office had called me last week and was told that I can pick it up the following day. But it wasn’t still there when I came so I didn’t come back anymore because I was told to wait for a call from them (local post office).

It was not until last night that they call so I dropped by the next day to get it and I was surprise when the person at the reception asked me so many, I think, none sense questions. At first, he asked me the name of the person who called and since I am not the one who received the call, I told him that someone from the local post office called in the house and my wife just relayed the information to me. And then he asked me whether he is the one who called or who? This time, I started to get annoyed but I just kept calm yet almost pissed off already.

This is not the first time that the people in the local post office seems don’t know what they are doing. Instead of just asking for my cell number or ID to verify if I have mail rather than asking who called me is just plain non sense. He then asked for my mobile number and checked it with his file and I already saw my number on the paper that they have posted at the reception. Upon seeing that my number is there, he searched in the small box at the counter and found my mail. I gave him my ID and signed some paper then thank him before I left.

This isn’t the first time I had a bad experience with them and the local post office is so far the worse comparing to the other government agencies that I transact some business.

03 June 2013

The Special One: The Second Time Around

After Real Madrid announced the departure of Jose Mourinho at the end of the season, many expect him to be back at where he feels he is special and loved, at Stamford Bridge. And indeed, a few hours ago it was officially announced that Mourinho, the Special One, will be The Blues manager for the next four seasons. And of course that didn’t come without a question if and will the Special One will be as successful the second time around?

Now, Mou must prove his detractors that he is still special even it is tougher to win everything in the already stronger teams of the Premier League. And even without the famous Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini. In fact, his time at the Bernabeu coincided with Barca being one of the best European teams yet he still managed to win and snatched from Barcelona the La Liga and some other silverware, including the well known El Clasico then set several records along the way.

What Mourinho must do is to discredit the old adage that you should never go back to your previous club since many mangers have failed to duplicate and achieve what they did the first time around. Although there are some who were successful when they return to their former employees and it is now up to Jose to prove that the magic he brought to the Blue Lions in 2004 can work a second time. Yet statistics shows that it is rare that mangers surpass what they have set the first time.

NB: Image from wikipedia.

The 2012 Season is Over

I made a post in late February this year about the eight days that will define Real Madrid’s season. And at that time, what will be the outcome of the three crucial matches that the Los Blancos have will either cost Mourinho his job at the end of the season or perhaps will continue for another one.

But as of now, everything has been decided already and we all know the fate of Real Madrid already and Jose Mourinho. And the European football season has ended two days ago with no surprises for any late comeback to topple those at the top. Yet it was a different story in the bottom dwellers as some are able to snatch late win and eventually avoid relegation. It has almost the same story also to those who are still fighting to qualify for places to play at the Champions and Europa Leagues.

Although the 2012 season is over yet the thrill and surprises are not finished yet as summer transfer will become busy to make their own squad stronger for the next season. There are already big names that shifted to different clubs and many will follow through in the coming days. And everyone are all left speculating what will happen next and for the meantime, we just have to focus ourselves in another next big thing in sports, the NBA Playoffs.

And as of this writing, the Miami Heat had just defeated the Pacers and will face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.

02 June 2013

Processing the Vehicle Registration

Coming back from vacation is always and most of the time difficult to adjust, in fact you often have heavy feet when it’s time to go back to work again. And that’s basically what happened to me in the past few days. Not only that I have to acclimatize again with work and the new things that happened while I was gone for a four-week vacation. At the same time, I am also trying to fit the errands that I have with my schedules that needs some urgency as it will due before the weekend comes and it will be a big headache if it will not be done on time.
What I am talking is about my vehicle registration which is due to expire on 7 June and that it falls on Friday and it is the first weekend here. So there’s a sense of urgency as I need to finish everything before Thursday comes and plus the fact that I have work to attend as well. I have a doubt on the small scratch and dent on the bumper that it will pass the inspection and I need to send it earlier for technical inspection so I’ll know the problem and fix it before I run out of time. Then process the registration after it will pass the technical inspection even if it fails in the legal aspect. And that I just have to be careful when I drive but so far since the last registration, I haven’t had any accident at all. So I am even expecting a rebate in my insurance. The last time I had one was two years ago and it was almost 20 percent.

So wish me luck so that I will have a safe car to use in going to work and for my family to use. I’ll keep you updated with this one in the coming days and if the registration process will be as smooth as when I renew my driver’s license.