29 December 2011

Free 1 Year dot COM Domain Giveaway

This is a quick update for the giveaway away post I have (Adgitize Blog Advertising Giveaway) that was promoted at "Stay at Home Blessings". There was a changes of the prize at stake because of the very sad news about Adgitize which are closing down at the end of the year. So the prize was changed and there will be two (2) winners in the said giveaway.

Winners will get either one of 1-year dot com domain name and 1-month 125 x 125 banner ad at Stay at Home Blessings. There's no changes though in the mechanics of the giveaway.

"This is my entry to Stay at Home Blessings 4th Year Blogging Giveaway."

24 December 2011

This Is the Way the Worlds Ends

I just finished watching the finale of Dexter Season 6, yeah I know I am late and I only watched it through online streaming, and so far it is far better than season 5 which many thought will be the downturn of Dexter series. But I believe Season 6 ends with a high note that even at the last second it still has a twist to show and perhaps yet another surprising ending.

Dexter really live to its masterpiece… twists in every angle of the season some even unexpected twist and Season 6 has its own. Even more twist right at the end and the last second of the last episode and that is the way the season ends.

Season 6 was all about religion and faith which was explored literally and metaphorically, not just the Doomsday Killer but also Debra being in love with Dexter. That was the unexpected thing that happened right before it ends and I thought that was it. But then I remember one thing that hasn’t had any revelation at all, what’s up with the role of intern Louis who has the hand of the ice truck killer that was delivered to the apartment of Dexter. Somehow I had a feeling that it may be just a set-up for a big role next season. And I don’t have any idea what Dexter Season 7 will be considering that Debra has seen Dexter stabbed the Doomsday Killer on the chest. That was the unexpected twist before everything ends.

I just can’t figure it out how Debra deals with what she has seen. Now that she knew who Dexter is, will she be gone next season? We all know that those who knew the dark side of Dexter, will always be eliminated or be killed before or right at the ending of the season. We all have months to speculate before Dexter Season 7 starts. Yet at the back of my mind the role of Debra is too big to vanish, so I am thinking and perhaps what just happened was just a dream.

22 December 2011

It's Time to Backup Your Files

In recent weeks I have seen and noticed several blogs being hacked even those free hosted one only. It seems that the perpetrators are no longer targeting specific websites anymore but probably is on its way of randomly picking just anything out there. So this should cause an alarm to blog owners if you don’t want your valuable articles gone with the wind. But remember one thing before you jump into the wagon … don’t forget to read reviews first especially if you opt to save your precious files online.

I once heard stories from bloggers that they lost all what they got, the post that were written in many years just disappear in thin air. By the way, you can check out wpdesigner.com/online-backup/ to have some ideas on how to choose a backup site that suits your needs. In that way you can sort out which one gives you exactly what you need then have a comparison from other providers.

And if you are looking for ideas, visit here so you’ll have the concept of how an online backup system works and which one offers the safest place to store your files. I like the idea too of planning out how often we are going to save our files and when to backup our files as well because no one knows when a great disaster will come to your website. So every time you encounter websites or visit site that has been hacked, think of the word backup.

Like most bloggers out there, I never kept a copy on everything that I wrote for I thought they are in good hands but out of no where… servers were hacked or it got infected with bad virus and boom you can’t touch your blog anymore. And all you can do is to pray that your hosting site can recover some of your files (if not all) and that’s the saddest waiting game out there. So it would be wise to start having a copy or two, and then store it either in an online backup system or in an external hard drive.

21 December 2011

Engagement Rings: How to Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget

Planning to get married is a very serious thing. But before you ask for your lady’s hand, make sure to have prepared the right engagement ring. For sure, you wouldn’t want to spoil that special proposal day. But determining the right engagement ring may be in a case to case basis. Deciding to purchase engagement rings is a matter of personal choice. This depends largely on many things like budget, quality, and design. For a man, choosing the perfect engagement ring is extremely difficult. As such, we have prepared some significant tips to enlighten you about engagement rings.

To buy engagement rings is like a gamble. If you do not have sufficient information about what your partner wants, then you have to start from scratch. In choosing and buying engagement rings, it is essential to plan ahead of time. You need to plan about your budget, find your prospect jeweler, choosing the right stone, length of time, engravings, designs, and ring quality. It is better to first have a list of all these things then make a research or inquiries. By doing so, you will have more and better engagement rings’ options.

Also, in deciding to purchase engagement rings, your main weapon is your knowledge of certain details about your partner.  They may be her ring size, favorite stone and cut of stone, her type of ring, or does she prefer intricate than simple designs. From this information, you can design an engagement ring and have it done. You can also seek the help of her favorite jeweler. When it comes to stone options, you may make a search in websites like Whiteflash.  In this light, it is best for you to learn about the different types of stone cuts.
  • The cushion cut or pillow cut is a square stone. This has large facets which optimizer the stone’s brilliance while surrounded by small diamonds.
  • The Asscher cut is a square cut version of the emerald.
  • The Princess Cut is one of the most popular choices. This cut is perfect for eternity bands, and its edges create walls of stones.
  • The round brilliant is a diamond cut which suits both classic and modern settings. This type has elaborate designs and guarantee ultimate sparkle.
  • The radiant is also rectangular, and known for having trimmer corners. This cut maximizes light refraction.
  • The pear cut is like that of a teardrop.
  • The heart cut reveals the symbol of love and bring about a romantic impression.
  • The Marquise is an elongated shaped cut perfect for round or pear shaped stones.
  • The oval cut accentuates the stone. This can be used in a versatile manner.
  • The Emerald cut reveals a flat surface and rectangular feature. This cut reveals the stone’s stunning clarity.
Finally, one of the most important considerations when it comes to engagement rings is the budget. Before asking for marriage, be sure to ask questions like: Can you afford for an engagement ring? If you can, will your future finances be sufficient? How much will your budget be for the engagement ring? Or does she want a cheaper or more expensive engagement ring? On the financial aspect, you must first determine your budget for engagement rings. It is better to figure out how much your spending may possibly be before running out for the stores. Also, you can try to maximize your budget. Alongside with this are some sacrifices. If you aim for a large cut diamond, then get rid of other expenses. 

18 December 2011

No Longer Adgitize Blog Advertising Giveaway (Updated 28/12/11)

Earning online is a tricky business that it sometimes frustrates you before you actually see that you are really earning at all. And that is also the time when the interest to earn starts to dwindle because they haven’t seen any yet and if there is, it’s just pennies. Most of the time, according to experts, it would take about six months before you actually see the glitters in online earning through blogging. Actually there are many ways to earn and the simplest one is to start your own blog and from day one on, you just made your first step.

I started my blogs in the first quarter of 2008 and just like with what I described above, I am one of it. It was already in the last quarter of 2010 that I start to write again in my blogs when an old (online) friend open up something about earning online, again…! From there I started receiving a regular assignments to write and I saw the opportunity of how to earning online works. I learn a lot from that experience and I am thankful for the opportunity and the trust given to me.

In almost at the same time, I was introduced into advertising but at that point I am still hesitant to invest until I heard a lot of testimonies about it. Then the rest is history, although I am not earning online to call it a living but it is quite decent enough, I should say. Although I am still writing for my friend yet it is not the only source of my online earnings already and it broadens my horizon on how to include advertising opportunity in your blog.

And if you are also hesitant to try advertising then here’s a good thing for you to start. Why not join an online giveaway and earn a chance to win a  1-year dot com domain name and 1-month 125 x 125 banner ad at “Stay at Home Blessings”. The mechanics on how to join is so easy and there’s no hassle involve. You also have enough time to think about it and submit your entry because the giveaway will run from 16 December until 15 January 2012.

14 December 2011

Win $200 Holiday Cash (Open Worldwide)

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12 December 2011

Blog Giveaway and Contest

Here's another Blog Giveaway and Contest in time for the holiday season. You will be tempted to join the giveaway considering the easy mechanics and a few tasks to do in order to qualify and several big and great prices at stake.

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11 December 2011

Real Madrid Dethroned Barcelona in El Clasico…

After we came back at home from a day out in the city, I immediately tuned in to watch the most anticipated first Clasico in La Liga. I was surprised that the match had started already and it is already past half an hour and the sad thing was Real Madrid was down 1-0 too. After I ate my dinner the second half is already half way and I already lost hope that Real Madrid can now dethrone Barcelona. Then several minutes after that, Marcelo was brought down inside the penalty box and Ronaldo calmly put the ball at the back of the net while the goalkeeper went to the opposite side.

As the match dwindled to its last minutes I noticed something odd in the game after seeing a tall black player at the frontline of Madrid and later knew that it was Adebayor. And with that, it is pretty obvious that I am watching an old El Clasico so it was a big relief knowing that the 2011 Clasico hasn’t started yet. But I cannot see it live either for it is almost 11 in the evening and I have an early work in the morning and I will just have to be contented with the news result.

I woke up at 5:20 AM but I was actually awaken with my alarm at 5:15, carried my son to his high chair then turn on the TV. This time it’s already the real and updated El Clasico with 1-1 score and half time is almost finished. I know that I am not going to finish it yet still very hopefully, in fact, very high that the Merengues will emerge victorious in this Clasico considering that Benzema draw the first blood and was the fastest goal in the history of the Clasico.

And so I went to work but still with doubts at the back of my mind whether Real Madrid will finally take a stronghold at the top of the leaderboard and topple Barca’s supremacy in La Liga. Along the way, I turned on my car radio and listen to the news which by luck was sports news that was airing the result of the first El Clasico.

And the prolific Barca showed their dominance again being the La Liga and the European Champions by perhaps demoralizing the Madrid side with a 3-1 come from behind victory. And probably Barca showed that they are not ready to be dethroned just yet…!

09 December 2011

The Anticipated El Clasico

It’s been awhile since the time I wrote something about football not that I started hating it but in fact, I am having more time watching them since I can watch it live in a 40 inch LCD TV. Guess what…? It is not just one, two or three channels of European football but more than 10 of them and most of it were the one that I am following. There was the La liga, the EPL and the Serie A. There were several teams that I constantly follow and some new teams too that catch my attention then I became a fan.

The last 16 teams in the Champions League have been drawn yesterday and some known teams didn’t know that they are playing their last game yesterday. The more notable was the Manchester duo. Manchester United became the first runner-up team to be eliminated the following season while Man City ends its impressive run in their first ever Champions League season.

But the most awaited event is just 1 day away from kick off. The El Clasico is the most anticipated match by the La Liga fanatics and the first Clasico is just a day away. Both teams are having great and impressive matches of their own before facing its other in the El Clasico at the Bernabeu tomorrow. Don’t forget to set your alarms and change your work schedules if you want to see it live. Lucky for me that I am off tomorrow and I’ll be sitting in comfort in our living room.

Vamos…! Los Blancos…!

08 December 2011

Win $400 Holiday Cash (Open Worldwide)

You guys might be interested of joining another Holiday Giveaway that will give you a blast and this one is so hard to resist not to join especially that it is open worldwide. Give it a try and take your chance of bringing home the coveted $400 winner takes all.

It is another easy to join giveaway. It will end on 21 December 2011 at 11:59 EST. You still have enough time to waste but why wait if you can do it now, who knows you might be tied up already in the coming days or weeks.

02 December 2011

The Twists in Dexter Had Just Started

It was only several days back that I started watching one of my favorite TV series Dexter and it's in its sixth season. And just a few minutes ago I already finished so far episode 9 and I must admit that the twist had just started and I was very much intrigue of what will be the involvement of Masuka's new intern. It was shown already that he had the stolen hand of the ice truck killer in his house. Would he be part of the doomsday killing? Considering that Prof. Gellar was already inside the ice cold storage.

But is he really dead? If not, then who was that person inside the ice storage? For now, there are so many questions unanswered and only a few things in my mind. But what I am sure of is that there will be more episodes to come to unveil the answers of these questions. More questions is looming since deputy chief Matthews was involve in some sort of crime and Debra is pursuing to open the case.

01 December 2011

Travel Photolog Makeover Coming Soon

Someone just contacted me several minutes ago and offered to do the makeover of my travel photo blog. This is what I am longing for a long time already and it seems that it's coming into reality anytime soon. I also want to change my banner and header for good that really suits the theme of being a travel photography.

So, if you have something in mind to contribute and to suggest, it would be great and an honor for your help in easing up my burden in trying to figure out what's best for my travel photolog. Although I only look for a simple theme that is not or will not make an eye sore.

A fellow blogger suggested this to me for my banner or header, "a cartooney character with a cam and a confused look... then the background can be indoors with an open window to have a view outside". You know who you are if you happen to see this post.

I am just grateful if the travel photolog makeover is coming so soon. And as of the moment I cannot give out more information regarding the possible deal and the identity but I am sure when things is done or had started s/he would want to advertise her/him work.