24 December 2011

This Is the Way the Worlds Ends

I just finished watching the finale of Dexter Season 6, yeah I know I am late and I only watched it through online streaming, and so far it is far better than season 5 which many thought will be the downturn of Dexter series. But I believe Season 6 ends with a high note that even at the last second it still has a twist to show and perhaps yet another surprising ending.

Dexter really live to its masterpiece… twists in every angle of the season some even unexpected twist and Season 6 has its own. Even more twist right at the end and the last second of the last episode and that is the way the season ends.

Season 6 was all about religion and faith which was explored literally and metaphorically, not just the Doomsday Killer but also Debra being in love with Dexter. That was the unexpected thing that happened right before it ends and I thought that was it. But then I remember one thing that hasn’t had any revelation at all, what’s up with the role of intern Louis who has the hand of the ice truck killer that was delivered to the apartment of Dexter. Somehow I had a feeling that it may be just a set-up for a big role next season. And I don’t have any idea what Dexter Season 7 will be considering that Debra has seen Dexter stabbed the Doomsday Killer on the chest. That was the unexpected twist before everything ends.

I just can’t figure it out how Debra deals with what she has seen. Now that she knew who Dexter is, will she be gone next season? We all know that those who knew the dark side of Dexter, will always be eliminated or be killed before or right at the ending of the season. We all have months to speculate before Dexter Season 7 starts. Yet at the back of my mind the role of Debra is too big to vanish, so I am thinking and perhaps what just happened was just a dream.

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  1. i am a fan of dexter too but i have not watched the season 6 finale..can you provide me a link to that particular episode? thanks