30 September 2012

Becoming a Sports Blog?

It was just very lately that this blog has turned into a sports blog considering the bulk of posts that I have been doing. Though you can also noticed some house and home related posts, may it be on home improvement or wall decors but that is just a few niche that I will be adding because of the recent activity in the house by my wife. Then the London Olympics have an impact as well that it became to look like a sports blog already. Added to it the start of the European football season that while there are only few matches being played, the expectations and thrill are too high already. 

But nonetheless, this blog remains to be talking in various topics that I want to write and also at all walks of life but there are little restrictions on my side on what to write even if I have the freedom of expressions. There are things that I cannot talk or should I say refrain from talking in order to avoid arguments and untoward circumstances. There are two factors that prevents me from doing it and that involves the kind of work that I have and the place where I am right now. 

For the meantime, just expect more posts about sports specifically football, tennis and Formula 1 since these are the sports that I love watching. And there are just good results of the games from my favorites, may it be individual or team that I want to write. More so in football because of several football clubs who already started the defense of their respective championship titles. I will be talking about my favorite TV series NCIS and Dexter who are now airing for their new series.

Image from wikimedia commons.

20 September 2012

Spreading Love through Artwork

I believe that religion plays a significant role in a person's life. If you're raised to follow the teachings of your religion, be it Roman Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or whatever it may be, this somewhat defines who you are and helps you be the person you want to be. There are some who become so passionate about their religion that they express their faith in different ways. There are those who join their church choirs and sing praises to God while there are some who spread the word of God by being active in church and becoming missionaries. 

The LDS Church is one religion that inspires its members to show their passion not just by preaching the word of Jesus Christ, but by also showing them through media and the arts like photography and lds paintings. The church is able to give opportunities to a lot of its members because of the businesses they own like a television station and bookstores where their art work is published. They also showcase their work in art galleries and sell their paintings in stores. People can also buy their artworks online where there’s a wide variety of a painting to choose from like those of baby Jesus, portraits of Jesus Christ, LDS Temples, paintings of the resurrected Jesus Christ and many more. The paintings are beautiful and some are quite life-like. It's very evident how inspired these artists are. Buyers will probably get that same feeling when they buy a piece.

11 September 2012

A New World Indeed

Welcome to the new world, a place where foundational practices are constantly challenged, new discoveries are continually being made and new unconventional truths are relentlessly pursued. Perhaps, a new world indeed. 

Anyhow the last couple of years, there have been a rapid change and alteration to our traditional norms and old ways of living. Almost in all important areas of our society like the government, medical institutions, and educational system; new laws and regulations are being implemented and pushed. Things that used to be taboo and illegal have somehow been legalized, while many of the common practices that used to be allowed are now prohibited. 

One of the current burning topics, particularly in the medical field, is the medical marijuana evaluations centers. Used to be known as an evil drug, marijuana is now considered as a treatment to various ailments and sicknesses. For all the harm that it has caused, it is now sought as a solution to many medical problems that can be found at http://peoriamarijuanadoctor.com/

I bet most of us didn't see this coming. The government has to carefully study and weigh the pros and cons of this substance. The decision on this could very well lead to many other intriguing and critical resolutions that could ultimately make or break our society.

10 September 2012

Andy Murray Ends Britain’s Long Wait

I was supporting Federer to extend his record of Grand Slam title haul in the US Open even his convincing win over Djokovic in the Cincinnati Open finals. He had great start in the tournament until his stunning defeat from the hands of Berdych in the quarterfinals. While on the other hand, I want Murray also to bring home his first ever Grand Slam silverware and end Britain’s long wait. He almost makes it a reality when he reached the Wimbledon Finals against Federer but failed to capitalize his first set win. 

And on a day before the anniversary of September 11 at New York, Andy Murray finally made it through and has removed the monkey on his back by defeating Djokovic in a record 5 sets match. It was even almost halted after Djokovic fought back to take the third and fourth sets in a convincing manner but then it seems that it is Andy’s time to shine once again. I said once again because he was able to duplicate and followed his remarkable win at the same court and the same opponent during the London 2012 Olympics but this time it is more remarkable since it is a Grand Slam title that has eluded him in four occasions. 

I am sure Andy Murray will now become a big name not only in Britain but in international tennis. And I think the idea that big sponsors will be flocking on his way will now become another reality after his wonderful win at the Flushing Meadows. And I think his new coach (Ivan Lendl) had great influence in the way he played in big events like the Grand Slams. Finally, Great Britain has another grand slam winner after a very long wait of 76 years. 

Many believe that Murray will have good outlook in 2013 as the Swiss maestro continue to show signs of aging while Nadal is still bothered by a lingering knee problem which made him back out at the US Open. Then Murray-Djokovic rivalry is looming in the making if this kind of situation will continue.

Image from The Guardian.