28 August 2012

It Finally Become a Reality

As I have briefly mentioned in my last post, The Sluggish Start of the Champions, particularly on the side of Real Madrid about the pending move of the Croatian playmaker Luka Modric from Tottenham, has now finally become a reality after an extended lengthy summer negotiations. 

The fan favorite has arrived in Madrid a day after the Los Blancos tasted its first loss of the season. After passing a medical on Monday morning, he then signed a five-year contract reported to be worth 42 million euros though neither Tottenham nor Real Madrid discloses any financial details. And I guess, everyone is now relieved probably more so of Luka himself that the transfer negotiations has finally concluded before the window transfer closes at the end of the week. 

The addition of Luka Modric in the squad of Los Blancos could be a catalyst to get the troubled season of the defending champions Real Madrid back on track. And everyone is excited to see him on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu for his first appearance as The Meringues for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup. But that would not come in handy as he needs to fight to win his place in Mourinho’s starting XI. He will be wearing the number 19 jersey and hopefully will put Madrid’s poor start of the season behind them.

27 August 2012

The Sluggish Start of the Champions

As you have known already that the football season across five big leagues in Europe has started and many football analysts have said that the first few matches are the most difficult one. And I guess that holds so much truth right now because some of the defending champions are having great difficulties in their quest to defend and retain their respective titles at the moment. 

Champions Real Madrid had just lost their second La Liga game to city rivals Getafe and their sluggish start continued. The Los Blancos was held to a 1-1 draw at home in their first match of the season and was followed by a 3-2 defeat from fierce rivals Barca in the Spanish Super Cup first leg. Madrid is now five points behind Barca in the league standings and probably is now focusing on their Super Copa second leg on Wednesday at the Bernabeau. And was probably hoping Luka could finally join them by that time. 

Whereas, the Premier League champions Man City also continued their own destiny of come from behind. In fact, their second match of the season was another come from behind and the only thing that makes it different is that they just have to settle for a 2-2 draw at the Anfield. While their first match last week at home to Southampton was all the same from last season’s last match. Then city rivals ManU was able to salvage a 3-2 victory at the expense of Fulham and a far cry different from their season opening loss at Everton. 

And Ligue 1 champions Montpellier just got their second defeat of the season and remained winless. While runner-up PSG also is still yet to taste a win as they have another goalless draw at home. This is perhaps the sluggish start of the champions.

24 August 2012

El Clasico: Spanish Super Cup

After the London Olympics closing ceremony that was barely two weeks ago, everyone in Europe is now back to reality that the 2012 football season is already in full swing. The French league started it earlier than the big four just two days before the closing ceremony

I was very eager to catch up with my football teams again but because of shifting work that I have, Day 1 of La Liga and the Premier League was a big miss at all and it seems that Day 2 will be the same again as it I will be on late shifts. But last night was the most anticipated match of La Liga as it will be the first El Clasico for the 2012 season and I was anxiously waiting for it but it turns out to be the same as the rest of the games.

Yes, I eventually miss it out again because it started so late (11:30 PM) to be exact) and I still have work to do the following day, which is today. The worse thing is I’m on the first shift so I should be hitting the sack early so I won’t be lethargic at work. But I can’t resist not peeking on this one because who on earth would not want to see the biggest and most famous… El Clasico. Yet and again, I have work… so I was only able to take a glance of the first 20 minutes or so of the first half then I dozed off to oblivion. And all I can do is to be contented, again, to read the results of the match. 

Barca blunder had given the Los Blancos a lifeline and keeps Real Madrid in hunt for their sixth Super Copa. Barcelona seize advantage in a 3-2 first leg win of the Spanish Super Cup at Camp Nou and the second leg is up next at the Santiago Bernabeu on 29 August.

20 August 2012

Smart Way to Transfer your Files

The growing advancement in technology provides us of simple and easy way in transferring files from one format to another. New software versions right now can even convert your old audio and video to a format that can be played in your smart phone and tablet. Much more is that you can already find a clever way to transfer your favorite YouTube videos to your iPhone, iPad or any kind of portable devices that you can find in the market. And the latest feature of YouTube video converter provides you a quick drag and drop option. 

Although one of the common problems that often noticed when you are trying to convert different files is the output quality that can be affected during the conversion process. But this has been corrected already in the newer versions even if it has different resolution ratios. The output quality of your video won’t be jeopardized, and in fact you literally won’t see any difference at all unless you've been doing it as your means of living. More so, that new released versions won’t cost you that much and you can even purchase them online at a relatively cheaper amount. And that is already a big help if you are on a tight budget. Right now there are already tons of trusted e-stores that you can shop right at the comfort of your couch that can be delivered at your doorstep at no extra costs.

12 August 2012

London 2012 Closing Ceremony

Everything must come to an end and everyone’s attention has now shifted to the London 2012 Closing Ceremony as the last pieces of medals were awarded. And I am just fortunate enough that I will be able to watch the Olympics closing ceremony live without any problem looking for online live streaming.

And to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the opening ceremony, maybe because I expect too much considering the status of Great Britain in the world. Or perhaps, it might also be due to the fact that I am not really into theatrical performances. Though I would say that the magical fireworks display was amazing and surely not the like you’ve seen in Beijing four years ago (If you know what I mean). So I am also expecting another astounding display of fireworks as the Olympics news reports has promised to celebrate a remarkable closing ceremony.

The last two days at the London 2012 Olympics Games proved to be on the side of team USA as they surged to grab the top spot in the Olympic Medal Count 2012. But that didn’t came out as many have expected it to be as there are disappointments and stunning defeat to some.

09 August 2012

London 2012 Football

The football season is just around the corner and the big four European countries will start their respective season almost all at the same time in the coming weekend. While everyone is busy following the London 2012 Football at the Olympics, several big football clubs are busy as well in their friendly matches mostly in the US. They are in preparation for the 2012-2013 season and several notable clubs are also boosting their line-up in order for them to be competitive.

On the other hand, the US has widened the gap and takes a commanding lead in the Olympic Medal Count 2012 as it near its end. Although there are still several games at stake but it seems China can only settle for second place. The men’s football games will be decided today and who will bring home the first gold at the Olympics. Brazil, the favorites to take the gold, will face the mighty Mexico, who at the same time is longing to get their first Olympic gold while Brazil is hoping to add the Olympic gold to their illustrious name in football history. The Olympic gold is the only major award that keeps eluding the Samba boys. 

And while making this post, I was also watching the live game of Mexico vs. Brazil which the former take home the London 2012 Olympic football gold medal stunning the Brazilians with a goal in less than 30 minutes of play. Mexico deserves to win the gold medal as they played a top notch game while the Samba boys never showed an impressive game since their first match. They have a lackluster game and showed poor execution throughout the match and always gave the ball to their opponent. But who knows, they might be able to finally get the elusive Olympic Gold medal at Rio 2014.

07 August 2012

The Quest for Golden Moment

The London 2012 Olympic Games has entered the second week of competition and even before it started it has already received its own share of controversy. The first week saw some athletes who give up their matches and play poorly to draw advantageous match-up later on, officials being removed from officiating job and probably coaches are involved too. Who knows? 

Although the Olympic games is not just about controversies but more so on winning those coveted medals that gives honor and pride to their respective countries. Upsets happened in some competition (many of them actually) but mostly all who got medals have long history of excellence in their own field. Although some are virtually unknown four years before yet surprises do happen from time to time and you can see athletes outclassed defending champions and previous medalist.

And probably the most anticipated game was in swimming when and if Michael Phelps will dominate again in his favorite events. Although it is already known from the start that he will no longer equal his 8-gold medal haul in Beijing because he only entered in 6 or 7 events although he must have been chasing some other Olympic record, being “The Greatest Olympian”. 

On the other hand, probably the most gruesome injury that happened so far is the injury that a weightlifter had sustained which dislocated his right elbow when he attempted to lift a 162 kg in a snatch event that ended his Quest for Golden Moment. Nonetheless upsets, surprises, disappointments do happen but every athlete and gold medalist has its own story in their quest for a golden moment.

06 August 2012

The Golden Moment, Finally

I watched Federer bowed down to the resilient Andy Murray in their tennis finals at the London Olympic Games yesterday afternoon. And if you are following my blog, you know that I am a big fan of the maestro because of the sportsmanship he displays on and off the court or even during the hard times of his playing career. And you seldom see him smashed tennis racket on the court or show disappointments while on play. He always keeps his composure despite the difficulty of the situation on hand.
image from TopNewsToday

And just like what happened during yesterday’s Tennis Olympic finals, he never showed any frustrations when he can’t seem to find answers on Murray’s aggressive approach. He eventually lost in three sets with a stunning margin in the first two sets (6-2, 6-1), especially on the second set when Federer was unable to score for more than an hour.

It was a sweet revenge for Andy Murray after his defeat from the hands of Federer himself a month ago at the same tennis ground. The only difference is that, it was during the Wimbledon Grand Slam finals. Murray’s victory yesterday marked a career breakthrough for him and he could be a favorite going to the next Grand Slam, the US Open, which is still eluding him.

Federer on the other hand, was chasing for a career Golden Slam as it is the only major award that is missing in his illustrious career with a total of 17 Grand Slam titles in all competitions.