09 August 2012

London 2012 Football

The football season is just around the corner and the big four European countries will start their respective season almost all at the same time in the coming weekend. While everyone is busy following the London 2012 Football at the Olympics, several big football clubs are busy as well in their friendly matches mostly in the US. They are in preparation for the 2012-2013 season and several notable clubs are also boosting their line-up in order for them to be competitive.

On the other hand, the US has widened the gap and takes a commanding lead in the Olympic Medal Count 2012 as it near its end. Although there are still several games at stake but it seems China can only settle for second place. The men’s football games will be decided today and who will bring home the first gold at the Olympics. Brazil, the favorites to take the gold, will face the mighty Mexico, who at the same time is longing to get their first Olympic gold while Brazil is hoping to add the Olympic gold to their illustrious name in football history. The Olympic gold is the only major award that keeps eluding the Samba boys. 

And while making this post, I was also watching the live game of Mexico vs. Brazil which the former take home the London 2012 Olympic football gold medal stunning the Brazilians with a goal in less than 30 minutes of play. Mexico deserves to win the gold medal as they played a top notch game while the Samba boys never showed an impressive game since their first match. They have a lackluster game and showed poor execution throughout the match and always gave the ball to their opponent. But who knows, they might be able to finally get the elusive Olympic Gold medal at Rio 2014.

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