07 August 2012

The Quest for Golden Moment

The London 2012 Olympic Games has entered the second week of competition and even before it started it has already received its own share of controversy. The first week saw some athletes who give up their matches and play poorly to draw advantageous match-up later on, officials being removed from officiating job and probably coaches are involved too. Who knows? 

Although the Olympic games is not just about controversies but more so on winning those coveted medals that gives honor and pride to their respective countries. Upsets happened in some competition (many of them actually) but mostly all who got medals have long history of excellence in their own field. Although some are virtually unknown four years before yet surprises do happen from time to time and you can see athletes outclassed defending champions and previous medalist.

And probably the most anticipated game was in swimming when and if Michael Phelps will dominate again in his favorite events. Although it is already known from the start that he will no longer equal his 8-gold medal haul in Beijing because he only entered in 6 or 7 events although he must have been chasing some other Olympic record, being “The Greatest Olympian”. 

On the other hand, probably the most gruesome injury that happened so far is the injury that a weightlifter had sustained which dislocated his right elbow when he attempted to lift a 162 kg in a snatch event that ended his Quest for Golden Moment. Nonetheless upsets, surprises, disappointments do happen but every athlete and gold medalist has its own story in their quest for a golden moment.

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