24 August 2012

El Clasico: Spanish Super Cup

After the London Olympics closing ceremony that was barely two weeks ago, everyone in Europe is now back to reality that the 2012 football season is already in full swing. The French league started it earlier than the big four just two days before the closing ceremony

I was very eager to catch up with my football teams again but because of shifting work that I have, Day 1 of La Liga and the Premier League was a big miss at all and it seems that Day 2 will be the same again as it I will be on late shifts. But last night was the most anticipated match of La Liga as it will be the first El Clasico for the 2012 season and I was anxiously waiting for it but it turns out to be the same as the rest of the games.

Yes, I eventually miss it out again because it started so late (11:30 PM) to be exact) and I still have work to do the following day, which is today. The worse thing is I’m on the first shift so I should be hitting the sack early so I won’t be lethargic at work. But I can’t resist not peeking on this one because who on earth would not want to see the biggest and most famous… El Clasico. Yet and again, I have work… so I was only able to take a glance of the first 20 minutes or so of the first half then I dozed off to oblivion. And all I can do is to be contented, again, to read the results of the match. 

Barca blunder had given the Los Blancos a lifeline and keeps Real Madrid in hunt for their sixth Super Copa. Barcelona seize advantage in a 3-2 first leg win of the Spanish Super Cup at Camp Nou and the second leg is up next at the Santiago Bernabeu on 29 August.

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