18 September 2013

The Elusive La Decima

Last night’s curtain opener for the 2013 Champions League season has produced a remarkable number of goals and I believe it broke the record of goals scored by teams with 30 goals in one night of matches. And it was the Merengues and CRon who leads the pack as they hammered Galatasaray right in their own turf at the Turk Telekom Arena despite the hostility and dominance of the home side. And for the fact that history is not on Real Madrid’s side as they have lost in two occasions when they have played away against Galatasaray.
For the first 32 minutes, Galatasaray and the home crowd put the Los Blancos on the back foot with relentless pressure and testing Real’s defenders with so many opportunities on goal. It was even aggravated with Iker Casillas leaving the match with an injury on his rib that he sustained after colliding with Sergio Ramos. But if you cannot convert those opportunities at the back of the net especially against a team like Real Madrid then you’re going to suffer at the end. And that exactly what happened after 33 minutes when Isco delivered the first of Real Madrid’s 6 goals of the night.

From then on, Galatasaray seems struggling to impose their game plan after falling behind and it became worse when Drogba was pulled off after sustaining a shoulder injury. As if the Turkish Champions fighting spirit were drained when Benzema double Real’s lead and Ronaldo do the rest as he grabbed his 21st hat trick for Real and set up one more easy strike for Benzema. So with the score of 6-1 at the very first game of the competition, Real Madrid made a statement of intent to the rest of the team. But will that be enough to finally capture the elusive La Decima?

Image from corazonblanco.com

16 September 2013

Disheartening Situation in Zamboanga Standoff

I seldom make a post, say something or touch the very sensitive political issues that a certain country has endured. Not that I don’t want to write something or voice out my disagreement or vocal opinion but sometimes restraint is just better than to engage in a face off and save it in later time when the time is right especially when it involves significant risk in you personally. But with the recent difficult and complicated problems that arise simultaneously or perhaps was planned to look like it, seems to be too much already that I can no longer refrain from speaking up.

The situation started after I finished watching the live broadcast of the 10 billion pesos pork barrel scam at the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing and I saw in my Facebook news feed a photo of a government soldier fighting in the recent Zamboanga conflict begging from civilians for any food or even leftover that they can eat because they haven’t eaten yet since early that morning. That’s what the caption says when a resident of the area was asked by the soldiers. The photo was posted by Eyrhil on his timeline and immediately went viral in just several hours of posting.
Whether the situation is true or not but I cannot speculate that it is not because I had once a first hand experience with a relative before who had the same fate though different scenario. I am furious of what’s happening right now knowing that those who are protecting us during the time of war have nothing to eat while there are people out there living with lavish life with the money from taxpayers. It is disheartening to think that we have deprived them of what’s worth and necessary for them in times like this while most politicians are having extravagant lifestyle with the money that they even don’t owned.

And as the standoff continue, the government troops and policemen are not just fighting against the Moro rebels but they are also facing the challenge of running out of ammunition and most especially running out of food. Some soldiers have resorted to buying foods using their own money as they have only been given porridge in the past few days; Eyrhil said when he was interviewed.

Image from Eyrhil Bulahan

15 September 2013

The Anticipated Debut of Bale and Ozil

After the international break, most big clubs in Europe restarted their goal to win every match there is and I’m sure everyone are keeping an eye on Gareth Bale and Mesut Ozil if they are going to be named in the starting XI. The former was already confirmed by coach Ancelotti that he’s going to play although not sure if he will start while Ozil, I believe, is guaranteed to start. And when their respective games started both players were on the pitch to start but it was Ozil who made a big impact to his new club, at least for now.

It didn’t take that long for Ozil to get involved and assisted the opening goal in just 11 minutes from kick-off. And his creativity could have led to more goals for the Gunners which I am sure will be deeply missed by Real Madrid. Many have said that it was a big mistake to sell him as the Los Blancos were held to a 2-2 draw at El Madrigal. The highly spirited and organized Yellow Submarine has denied Bale to a winning start despite him scoring his first goal for the Spanish giants.

Yet, I think, it was Real Madrid’s goalkeeper that made things difficult for the impressive Villareal, who made a string of brilliant saves and denied the Yellow Submarine to a perfect winning record of four games although both teams still extended their unbeaten La Liga start this season. And with the draw, it means both teams are already two points behind champions Barca and Atletico Madrid who won their respective games earlier.

Although Real Madrid did not get the three points they wanted but every good start must come to an end and it is unfortunate for Real. So far, Bale has made a good start and it is only a matter of time on how things will go for him.

Image from wikimedia commons.

What You Give, Comes Back Multiple Times

This video teaches us a lot of things in life and what you innocently give today may come back to you multiple times when you least expected it. 

13 September 2013

Bale to Make His Debut against Villareal

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that the world record signing Welshman winger will make his debut in the away match against Villareal although it is not certain whether he will be part of the starting XI yet he definitely will play. For sure many eyes are set on him as he takes his first competitive match in a Los Blancos shirt and expectations are running so high. Until then no one knows what he can give back to Real Madrid being the most expensive football player in the world.

What’s more interesting in the coming match is what position he will be playing in order not to cause disruptions and problems in linking up with CRon, one of the best players in the world. Some experts and analysts believe that Bale will be playing more in central position to be most productive and probably the reason why Ozil was sold to Arsenal, so to free up some space for him. With Ronaldo and Di Maria on the flanks, it could be the best solution to maximize the effect of Bale’s arrival and get more goals in return.

But then again, that too remains to be seen if Bale and CRon will play along side and if they will jibe together on the pitch. And Bale needs to score a goal as soon as possible to fend off the overwhelming pressure and criticism that surrounds his world breaking transfer. So from tomorrow we will find out who lives to the expectation of many.

Image from theguardian.com

Happy 27th Anniversary ERUF

Its another fruitful year behind and another more years to face ahead for the next generations of dedicated personnel who serves so that others may live. Happy 27th anniversary ERUF, I am sure you are no longer an unsung heroes.

“Saving Lives is not an accomplishment but a way of life”.

Video from ERUF161

To Make or Shake Things Up

Another week of football is coming up tomorrow after the international break was finished that would either make or shake things up when the transfer window closed last week. And speaking of which, there are only a few who beat the summer transfer window before it finally close. But the only notable movement for me is Real Madrid’s Mesut Ozil who was sold to Arsenal for a reported 42.5M pounds even before the 2013 season heated up.

Why I said so because Ozil was part of Real Madrid’s starting XI in the first two matches of the 2013 season then several days later, rumors started heating up regarding his imminent transfer to Arsenal. Even for the fact that a couple of days after their win in Granada, Ozil told the media that he has no intention of leaving Madrid and that he is happy to be in the club. But by the weekend, according to reports, the deal to move to the Emirates Stadium is 90% completed. Although it was not shocking to me especially in the football business yet I am sad and stunned of his departure because of Ozil’s importance to the team and his incomparable contribution to the Los Blancos’ winning days last season.

But it was completed and done and there’s nothing everyone can do about it except to face what lies ahead and hoping for the best of Ozil in the Gunners shirt. And hopefully the signing of Gareth Bale would bring another fruitful season for Real Madrid as he reportedly broke the world record deal in football and became the most expensive transfer in history. So tomorrow at 2100 GMT, Bale maybe featured in his first match on the famous white shirt as a Galactico against Villareal.

Will the signing of Gareth Bale and Mesut Ozil will make or shake things up their new club?

Image from wikimedia commons.

09 September 2013

‘Dropped’, Heineken’s Social Experiment

This post brought to you by Heineken. All opinions are 100% mine.

What would you do if by chance you are brought to a place unknown to you? Will you be able to go back to where you came from? Will you be left scared and crying because you don’t know what to do? Imagine a situation like that, you are brought to a remote location where you haven’t been before, and your goal is simple: to arrive at the designated destination.

That is exactly what Heineken is doing right now. Your premium beer brand that is available in almost every country across the globe is launching a new global campaign called Heineken “Voyage”. It is the fifth installment of Heineken Legends platform that would take different men from across the world and drop them in a remote location that is unknown to them. 

The participant's objective is simply to arrive at a designated destination. But what made it more interesting and adds a whole lot of thrill? You are left with nothing except for the most basic supplies and directions to use during your legendary travel experience to the unknown.

So if you are chosen to be the next person to be ‘Dropped’, will you be able to reach and make it to your final destination? And if you are curious whether those men who already experienced a new kind of life adventure succeeded or not then it’s up to you to know. 

I encourage you to watch the Heineken Dropped promotional videos to see what the outcome of each Dropped episodes will be, and how they face the multitude of challenges thrown to them. And as every ‘Dropped’ voyage unfolds, you’ll see how they are forced to discover their own limits and conquer their own fears. That is when the social experiment will come to life that is fully unscripted.

Another interesting and remarkable fact is that when you buy special packs of Heineken, you will be able to redeem a code that will let you play an online game that tests your navigational skills as you embark on a digital voyage.

So are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and experience a legendary travel adventure? Will you be able to make it if you are ‘Dropped’ in a remote location?

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03 September 2013

Bale, the Real Deal

The long awaited transfer of Gareth Bale to the Bernabeu has been confirmed after so many rumors and apprehensions. The only thing that is not quite understood is whether Real Madrid broke the record again for the most expensive transfer in history in acquiring Bale from Totttenham. Depending on what newspaper you are reading, you will definitely see different figures and you cannot get a right answer until Tottenham will declare it during the annual stakeholders meeting. That definitely will happen this coming December and we’ll see who is telling the truth.

The fans of Real Madrid finally saw their new Galactico as Bale was presented at the Bernabeu earlier yesterday to the delight of more than twenty thousand spectators of Los Blancos. And perhaps his unveiling could be just a formality since reports came out that Adidas had already started selling Real Madrid shirts with Bale’s name. Adding to it was another news report that Bale had already had a pair of football shoes waiting for him at the Bernabeu.

But even before his arrival there are already a lot of speculations whether Bale could be the Real deal or not? And that if he can live up to his huge price tag as the most expensive football player in history, remains to be seen. For now, everyone is back to their respective country for the qualifying matches for the World Cup next year in Brazil.

Image from thesun.co.uk.

01 September 2013

It’s Time to Abolish the OEC for Good

This post is simultaneously posted in my other blogs.

A few days ago while browsing the net, I stumble upon an article about the top reasons why OEC must be scrapped. And for those who don’t know, OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a piece of document that OFW’s should procure and present to the Immigration Department upon living the Philippines to go back to your work abroad. One must have an OEC with them if you are a returning worker and you don’t need to have one if it is your first time to work abroad but you instead must secure a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS). But that’s a different story.

It is elaborated in the article that the sole purpose of OEC is to provide proof that the person is a returning OFW and that every OFWs are exempted from paying travel tax and terminal fee in all international airports across the Philippines. And you can obtain OEC from any consulate and embassies of the Philippines abroad and in any POEA offices in the Philippines.

Upon reading the whole article, what catches my attention about the OEC is its impracticality in one sense. So hear me out on this one, “It is so true that you are paying a fee for this certain document in order for you to be exempted from paying other fees at the airport of departure”. That seems to be redundant to me and if you are going to think about it you are still paying roughly half of the amount of the travel tax and terminal fee. It really doesn’t make any sense that you have to pay a certain amount to be exempted from paying other fees. Much to it that there are alternative ways to prove that you are an OFW if the main concern is only to find proof that you certainly works abroad.

This just reminded me, at one time, when I was about to get an OEC at the Philippine Overseas Labor and Office wherein they ran out of forms and I was advised to get one in POEA in the Philippines before I return abroad. I guess it’s now time to abolish the OEC for good.