30 March 2011

100 Posts Celebration

Making this entry made me reached my centennial post and I think it's the first milestone to reach in blogging. It is a feat the (I think) deserve some accolades. It took me for awhile to reach 100 posts because my blogging world had a long hiatus when we don't have any connection in the new house where we transferred.

Next in line is if I will be able to reach 500 posts and I don't know when I'm going to be there but I'm sure it won't be that long comparing to before. Now that I am active again in writing online especially that I have a part time writing gig and more to come (hopefully). I just want to thank my visitors who painstakingly visiting this blog and see you all in 500.

29 March 2011

Vettel Begins Title Defense With a Win

It's the defending champion who won the season opener race at the Australian Grand Prix. Vettel claimed the first race of the 2011 campaign proving his supremacy over Lewis Hamilton. There's nothing have change since the qualification run except for the surprise podium of Renault driver Vitaly Petrov which became Russia's first ever podium finish in Formula 1. It wasn't really a tight game since Vettel build a considerable lead from the start as Hamilton suffered a broken floor that keeps him in a distance.

Meanwhile, 2009 champions Button, was left behind at sixth place after Alonso keep him out of the loop and because of his persistence of trying to cut Alonso at Turn One, he committed a mistake thus giving Alonso a drive through pass. At the moment, standings as follows:
  1. Sebastian Vettel = 25 points
  2. Lewis Hamilton  = 18 points
  3. Vitaly Petrov      = 15 points
  4. Fernando Alonso= 12 points
  5. Mark Webber     = 10 points
  6. Jenson Button     = 8 points
See you in Sepang for the Malaysian Grand Prix on April 10 for the second race of the season.

26 March 2011

Formula 1 Season Opener

The Formula 1 season had just started at the Albert Park Street Circuit in Melbourne. The season opener race tomorrow will become the first event of what was planned to be a record breaking 20-race calendar. But the suppose March 13 curtain raising in Sakhir Circuit was called off due to the volatile political situation in the Arab Peninsula that escalated into losing lives of civilians. Since no one knows how long the unrest will continue, it has been decided to cancel the race and move the season debut race to the Australian Grand Prix.

As of the moment, no one knows if the suppose Bahrain Grand Prix would have an open slot in the race schedule although there are several possibilities. If the India Grand Prix race debut on October 30 will not materialize then it’s their chance but so far it is unlikely to happen since the construction of the race track is ahead of schedule. Another possibility is rescheduling it towards the end of the season two weeks later after the Yas Marina Circuit race unless Abu Dhabi officials will allow it considering that it’s a Gulf kingdom hosting rival.

Anyway, the race tomorrow will see the 2010 champion Vettel claiming pole position by dominating the qualifying race ahead of 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton then following them at the back is the 2010 third placer Webber and the 2009 champion Button.

So watch the Formula 1 season opener tomorrow and see who will snatch the 2011 season opening Grand Prix.

23 March 2011

Celebrating a Milestone

In a few days time I will be celebrating a milestone in my blogging days. I am three posts away in celebrating my centennial post here. While my medical and health blog had 112 posts already which I never noticed until today when I go over in overhauling my blogs because of some deficiencies I noticed recently. I read in Adgitize forum that there have been another changes or update in google’s page ranking that was started by blogger Garden Gnome (you can check her out at My Journey). She said that Google’s algorithm update was called Panda (don’t ask me what it is for I am still in the process of getting to know the Panda).

Anyhow, hope you guys are going to support the coming milestone of my being a part-time blogger and freelance writer. You can also pay a visit in my medical and health blog “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness” whenever you are interested to know about any medical and health updates and a lot more.

21 March 2011

Transforming Doha's Skyline

This is what Doha 5 years ago (2006)

And this is Doha at present (2011)

You can see what money can make in a country. It has transformed the skyline of Doha in just a few years. You can count with your fingers the number of skyscrapers in the first photo but in recent day, it will make you dizzy counting the countless buildings that mushrooming each year, if not months.

18 March 2011

Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness is featured at "As The Cracker Head Crumbles"

This is just a quick post to reveal something new happening about my medical, health and safety blog "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness".

Will update this one later tonight.

16 March 2011

Real Madrid reached Champions League quarters

The Los Blancos has taken it one step at a time. After humbling Hercules in local league at the Bernabeu, and a draw by Barca with Sevilla, it gives them a breather for the championship race. They are able to cut down the lead of Barca to five points with ten more games left at the end of the season.

Last night, they face Lyon for the last 16 in the Champions League and this time the Merengues have shaken off their last 16 jinx and reach another milestone after seven years. They have demolished Lyon in a well fashioned combination from Marcelo, Benzema and Di Maria in a 3 - 0 goal. What made it even sweet is it came from the feet of Lyon, who have defeated them at the same stage last season.

13 March 2011

"Van Gol" 88:35 - Repost

I am reposting this nerve wreaking game by Real Madrid while Barca is playing too. This is full of thrill since Real is playing the game of their life hanging in a small thread but a slip up will cause them the biggest game to Barca. A win by Real will give them an edge even though it is very small yet they gonna bring home the silverware. But this time around Real is playing catch up by 4 points (temporarily) while Barca is playing later tonight and if they're going to beat Sevilla then it would be another difficult path for Real ahead of the second El Classico on 17 April at the turf of Los Blancos.

Read on and feel the intense thrill way back 2006...

The quest for La Liga De Las Estrellas kicks-off 1500 EDT (09 June) and things started badly for Real and Barca when Tamudo stroke home at 29:00 and stuns the Nou Camp fans but Messi-ah equalized with a replica of the famous Maradona's "hand of god" goal just before half time. While on the other match, Real fell prey to Milito's penalty kick two mins after Tamudo's goal, leaving the Merengues a point behind Barca going to the second half and possibly relegating La Liga to Barca in this pulsating title race.
As the second halves begins, Messi puts Barcelona in front while the Bernabeu galacticos struggles to find the net but they refused to lie down just yet and levelled the game through "Van Gol", not long enough after Messi hands them a 2 point edge. But the La Romareda's seems not giving Real any breather and are not finished yet when Milito calmy works his way and stabbed the Bernabeu's, conceding a second goal. Real looks desperate and its title hopes looked to have gone up in smoke as they trailed 2-1 and Barca ahead at 2-1. Two minutes to go and Real can see it slipping away and Barca will be left needing just one point going to next Sunday's last game in Primera Liga. But then a sudden twist of faith and another dramatic change of atmosphere emerge with another "Van Gol" at 88:35, saving Real and staging yet another comeback, drawing 2-2. When everyone thought that it would be the end and that would be the end of the high drama across Espanya, but there was still one last title race twist to come.
The Periquitos struck again, 20 seconds after the "Van Gol", drilled a low angled shot past Barca's keeper to earn a 2-2 draw, putting Real Madrid back on top of the Primera Liga title race, as Barcelona surrendered their lead at Nou Camp. There were no easy ride in La Liga, anything can happen and any of the three sides (The Merengues, The Catalans, The Andalusians) can still win it coz the game doesn't end until the final whistle is blown comes 17 June.

10 March 2011

Houston, Discovery Has Landed...

One of the most famous space shuttle, Discovery returns to earth, landed at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and will be retiring soon. It was Shuttle Discovery’s final voyage into space after 27 years of successful space missions. Discovery is NASA’s most travelled spaceship and on 9 March 2011 it ended its flying career with another successful construction mission at the international space center.

According to stats in NASA, Discovery has accumulated 365 days in orbit with 39 space missions under its wings. It is also the oldest operational spaceship after two of its sister ships Challenger and Columbia who were lost in 1986 and 2003 respectively, during one of its missions. Discovery will lead the two surviving fleet into retirement, shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis will have their own final space voyage also on April and June respectively.
Discovery’s commander was heard over the radio “Houston, Discovery. For the final, time wheels stop” and the shuttle proudly stood still on the runway at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It will soon be prepared for display to its final home at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. And the two remaining shuttle’s home still has to be known.

06 March 2011

How To Protect Important Documents

Do you want to get a pouch laminator so you can occasionally protect important documents? If so, you should check out the Fellowes Mars ML-125. Take a look at the reasons why:

·         The Mars ML-125 can handle a lot of different types of documents. Since it has a 12.5-inch feed opening, you can use it to laminate snapshots, certificates, kids' artwork, to-do lists, and more. This device is compatible with laminating pouches that are 3 mil thick.
·         This laminator can fully warm up in 8 minutes and it can process a letter-sized item in about a minute. This is great because it won't take you very long to laminate your materials.
·         The Mars ML-125 only has one heat setting so operating it is incredibly easy. This machine is unlikely to become jammed which makes it even more user-friendly.
·         This is a compact laminator with approximate dimensions of 4” (height) x 20” (width) x 7” (depth). It has a carrying handle for easy transport so it's perfect for people who attend crafting parties. It can also be used in schools and at the office.
·         Mars ML-125 is a well-designed laminator that can definitely handle occasional use without any problems. It has a one-year warranty.

The Mars ML-125 pouch laminator from Fellowes is a great choice if you occasionally need to laminate your documents. Consider getting it for yourself today.

04 March 2011

How Important is the Keywords?

One of the significant factor for your blog to be recognized is using keywords so your blog is search engine friendly. What I meant to say is, for your blog to be searchable it needs to be optimized and one way of doing that is using "keywords" and some even use keyword phrases so as not to saturate.  In other words, if you are going to use it so many times also in your post it may appear that it is spammy and it could not be looking good for your readers and most especially in the search engine. When optimizing your blog it needs a balance of the "keywords" that you are going to use so it won't affect your ranking in the search engine results page.

I have read many articles and from experts that the number of keywords depends on the number of words you are writing in an article. Also Google does not like keywords to be used more than 2% in a given post. So if you are writing a 200 word article then you should not be repeatedly use your keyword more than 4 times. I usually use only three keywords for that given article.

Another thing is, spread out the keywords. Many have suggested that you use one each in a given paragraph. And to maximize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juice, place your keywords in the first sentence of your article and somewhere at the last part of your last paragraph. In this way, you have a better chance in ranking good in search engine results page. But again, you should know that keywords is just one of the factors that will influence your rankings. Hope you learn something about how important the keywords is.

01 March 2011

How to increase blog traffic

It’s one of those days that you need to celebrate and be happy for an achievement that you got. And when it’s there you felt something different and I’m sure a lot knows what it is to be there.

So anyway, I was trying to get back from slumber since I am not feeling well in the past few days because of cough and colds. And when I went home from work early this morning I felt something that is not right. I ate breakfast before going to sleep but wasn’t able to sleep immediately because I felt that my whole body is so hot that I began to cover my whole body with the blanket. I took my baby’s thermometer and slid it in my armpit… a few minutes had gone, check the reading and jackpot!! I officially had a fever, it was 100.8 F. That’s the reason why I’m not feeling so up this morning. My wife noticed and gave me an analgesic but I took two of them at the same time then doze off.

I woke up mid afternoon with my wife’s prodding so I can take some food in my noisy stomach. I felt different already and a bit energized from the good rest I had and no longer feel feverish. After doing some errands in the house, I went on and open my laptop to log in my daily routine for my writing gig and along the way it just came to my mind to check if there are changes in my Alexa ranking and it is still 1.8 million. But it is way better than before when it was still more than 10 million and thanks to Adgitize for bringing it down tremendously in just a few months time. The good thing is, in my other blog “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness”, it stands below 850 thousand already and in the next update it will surely be below 500 thousand.

But that’s not what I am celebrating right now, it was just part of it. I usually check both my Alexa and Page Rank, so I could determine the progress, and noticed that my PR is already zero (0). I double check yet still remain the same. Went for work and check it right there and yes it is still zero. And all bloggers know what this meant for your blog and how important it is especially to those who are accepting freelance writing jobs. I am hoping for more opps to come in my way. Now it’s official that I am no longer N/A in my page rank.