26 March 2011

Formula 1 Season Opener

The Formula 1 season had just started at the Albert Park Street Circuit in Melbourne. The season opener race tomorrow will become the first event of what was planned to be a record breaking 20-race calendar. But the suppose March 13 curtain raising in Sakhir Circuit was called off due to the volatile political situation in the Arab Peninsula that escalated into losing lives of civilians. Since no one knows how long the unrest will continue, it has been decided to cancel the race and move the season debut race to the Australian Grand Prix.

As of the moment, no one knows if the suppose Bahrain Grand Prix would have an open slot in the race schedule although there are several possibilities. If the India Grand Prix race debut on October 30 will not materialize then it’s their chance but so far it is unlikely to happen since the construction of the race track is ahead of schedule. Another possibility is rescheduling it towards the end of the season two weeks later after the Yas Marina Circuit race unless Abu Dhabi officials will allow it considering that it’s a Gulf kingdom hosting rival.

Anyway, the race tomorrow will see the 2010 champion Vettel claiming pole position by dominating the qualifying race ahead of 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton then following them at the back is the 2010 third placer Webber and the 2009 champion Button.

So watch the Formula 1 season opener tomorrow and see who will snatch the 2011 season opening Grand Prix.

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  1. I'm not a big racing fan, but I did remember to stop by here. I need to put your blog on my "regulars list"