27 August 2010

Our little angel turns 5 weeks

Our son just turned 5 weeks old 2 days ago. Went to his peds for his monthly check up and for the rashes he got on his face that seems getting worse at times. I was alone with his doctor… my wife was in the pharmacy, for I thought it would just be quick for her to get her meds while waiting for our son’s doctor. But she (my son’s doc) was just quick from her another delivery so the nurse called at the doctor’s room for little Seth’s examination. His doctor said that our son was just growing well and gains enough since the last time she saw him.

Seth’s birth weight was a mere 2.55 kilograms (5.6 lbs) and if I remembered it correctly he was 48 cm (18.89 inch) in length or something near that. At 2 weeks he was 3 kg and 52 cm then 2 days ago (5 weeks old) he shoots up to 3.9 kg and 58 cm.
I think he’s just growing well with his mom’s breast milk, drinking 60 cc every 2 hours. Though I’m not quite very sure about it but as I looked up on different charts available online, it seems that his weight is with in the normal limits but I think his height is just near the borderline of the maximum allowable at his age.

What do you think of him?

19 August 2010

Fatum - latin for destiny

Two weeks ago, my step-mom send me a message in Facebook that my sister’s boyfriend and his family will be going to the house for their engagement party (that was 3 nights ago and was also our mother’s birthday). On that same night, 15 August 2010, I was able to chat to my step-mom that they have fun and the event was big and lots of laughter which continued out of the house. I also learnt that the wedding will be held next month too. Two days before my birthday. Why such in a hurry? That I still don’t have much information but definitely she’s not pregnant. LOL
The thing is, it’s not the focus of this blog that I am about to make or should I say, have started. As I heard the news about my sister, it brought back the memory of the movie Serendipity, that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.
Though their story is not totally the same with the movie yet at the end of the day destiny brought them back together. As you can see they are high school sweethearts until college days and the next thing is, they both parted ways. My sister goes on with her life and entertained suitors and almost got engage at some point while the guy took a turn of marrying someone ahead but the marriage did not went well and they got separated legally.
I think they were meant to meet again. I think everything happens for a reason. Would it be a choice or just seemingly a chance? Or simply they are destined to be.

14 August 2010

How much is enough?

In some parts of the globe summer had just started and some are on its way to its peak. And most common cases that we encounter are heat related illnesses. That relates if we are drinking enough fluids each day. And how much should we need to drink each day? It’s a simple question but no definite answers.
A lot of articles say this and that with varying recommendations. Some would say we should drink enough? Yet most people have no idea how much water they should drink. And the question goes, how much is enough? Your enough may not be the same as mine and that goes to the others as well. Knowing that water makes up 60% of our body weight then let’s just say that our water needs depend on many factors, how active we are and where we live. We also have to remember that we lose water though breathing and not just the usual sweating. Another thing that we must understand is the type of environment that we are in, whether it is hot or humid.

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13 August 2010

Water over troubled house

Do you still remember the old song of Simon & Garfunkel, "Bridge over Troubled Water"? But sorry to say that this song don't have anything related with the photo you'll see down under. It is just that I always associate this song to remember and to have a caption of  this photo.

I took this photo during one of my vacation back then in my hometown. At first I called this house over troubled water but I realized that it's the other way around, I guess. It seems that this house has a lot of problem than the water itself. The house just gets my attention when we were out for a walk with my girlfriend at that time, she's now my wife and a mother of our first born baby boy.

I have posted this since this is one of the photos that prompts me to be interested with photography. And I am pursuing it now.

12 August 2010

Sudden weight loss

Have you noticed that your clothes are becoming baggy recently? Have you been losing weight quickly than expected? If you are not in a diet program and you are losing more than 5 percent of your body weight then your unexplained sudden weight loss could be a symptom of an underlying medical or health condition.

The following are the possible causes of unexplained weight loss:
  • Endocrine disorder
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney problem
  • Some over-the-counter and prescription drugs
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10 August 2010

Story to Tell

The things I write about now are not easy to understand and so hard to accept. These are feelings nobody knows that I am capable of having.

I have always felt for the things happening around me but I seldom make a display of my emotions (that I have feelings after all). There are times when life’s seems filled with uncertainties and you don’t know what’s going to happen, what the future brings. The thing is, we have come to accept these things as part of our daily lives. We have grown tired of trying to make a difference, of fighting for what we think is right and of trying to make ourselves better. Unmet expectations, a change of priorities, insufficient time became burdens then questions came rushing to my mind. Why must I ask you still about the things you can’t give reasons for or intend not to tell? Tell me why i can’t be there where you are?

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09 August 2010

Want some (funeral) cake?

I was browsing in the cyberspace with the usual thing, went on money making sites, visit social community forums, check my website, check our training center website, read emails, play Fishville at Facebook, read sports news in Yahoo and while reading blogs in Adgitize I came across a very interesting article. Just as the title itself, do you want or try some (funeral) cake?

Check the article here.

Towering at the top

I am not a professional photographer but the photo below was able to reach a sixth place in an online photo contest. I was able to earn from it though it's not that big but it's worth it.

I just wanna share this which I took from one of my vacation way back 2007. I didn't noticed the good capture until a few months later when I was looking for a photo to submit for an online photo contest. Since then I want to pursue this hobby and try to learn more about photography. In fact, there's already a plan of upgrading my camera with Canon 500D but there was a little delay because of the birth of our first child just three weeks ago.

And taking care of a newborn takes so much time but again another worthy effort. I might be talking about it in the next few days and will be posting more photos that inspires me to do more in photography.

Click here to enlarge.