19 August 2010

Fatum - latin for destiny

Two weeks ago, my step-mom send me a message in Facebook that my sister’s boyfriend and his family will be going to the house for their engagement party (that was 3 nights ago and was also our mother’s birthday). On that same night, 15 August 2010, I was able to chat to my step-mom that they have fun and the event was big and lots of laughter which continued out of the house. I also learnt that the wedding will be held next month too. Two days before my birthday. Why such in a hurry? That I still don’t have much information but definitely she’s not pregnant. LOL
The thing is, it’s not the focus of this blog that I am about to make or should I say, have started. As I heard the news about my sister, it brought back the memory of the movie Serendipity, that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.
Though their story is not totally the same with the movie yet at the end of the day destiny brought them back together. As you can see they are high school sweethearts until college days and the next thing is, they both parted ways. My sister goes on with her life and entertained suitors and almost got engage at some point while the guy took a turn of marrying someone ahead but the marriage did not went well and they got separated legally.
I think they were meant to meet again. I think everything happens for a reason. Would it be a choice or just seemingly a chance? Or simply they are destined to be.


  1. christine c. mabulay22 August, 2010 03:44

    i can relate on this story,now really if two persons are really destined with each other, then fate has to work hard for them to meet again.

  2. If they're meant, they're meant to be, no matter what.