09 August 2010

Towering at the top

I am not a professional photographer but the photo below was able to reach a sixth place in an online photo contest. I was able to earn from it though it's not that big but it's worth it.

I just wanna share this which I took from one of my vacation way back 2007. I didn't noticed the good capture until a few months later when I was looking for a photo to submit for an online photo contest. Since then I want to pursue this hobby and try to learn more about photography. In fact, there's already a plan of upgrading my camera with Canon 500D but there was a little delay because of the birth of our first child just three weeks ago.

And taking care of a newborn takes so much time but again another worthy effort. I might be talking about it in the next few days and will be posting more photos that inspires me to do more in photography.

Click here to enlarge.

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