25 July 2011

Another Page Rank Update?

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 10. This week’s prize is $10 Cash via Paypal from Mel Cole of Hearts Content of a Mama.

Before going on vacation at the end of June, I am sure I have seen Google's Page Rank Updates so I am pretty much sure of the page rank of my two blogs including the newly migrated medical, health and safety blog "Be a Lifesaver of Goodness". At that time, I am so happy that I got a PR2 in both of the blogs that my heart went beating so crazy then brag a little bit of it (not that it's higher enough) but in the sense that I was able to break through the barriers of N/A that have been blocking my way for quite some time already.
Today, when I got the chance to open the world wide web for the first time since coming back from a long hiatus of vacation (although I am still on leave for four more days), it just came into my attention (while trying to check out my blog) that  my Page Rank (shown above) has gone one notch down. I quickly check if there's any updates recently, which at the back of my mind doubted if there's any considering the last update was just 27 June. And of course, I came empty handed that there's a PR update that occurs in that span of time.

Am I being penalized? Or it was just a glitch when the update came out last month? Honestly I don't have any idea what just happened and when this PR down fall occur?

13 July 2011

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11 July 2011

This is what safety is..!!

Random funny pictures seen in the net.!! This is how safety is..!!

safety helmet

airline seat belt

09 July 2011

Snail Mail Better Than Email...!

The Facebook announcement of its new apps overshadowed the final space shuttle launch. In fact even the controversial Casey Anthony trial latest news is nowhere to be found in Google trending yesterday and today. But hey, I am not going to talk about it here and that wasn't the main subject either. Although Facebook's launching of the Skype application has been trending high today, higher than the announcement of Yao Ming’s retirement from basketball and much higher of Selena’s role in Monte Carlo, that won’t make me have a bite of writing.

If you happen to drop by here yesterday, I made a post regarding the last space shuttle launch and ending NASA’s space shuttle program. It’s because of this post that I became annoyed and experience what it’s like to have a slow internet connection. It affects all that you want to accomplish in minutes which will now take hours to finish and immediately remembered one thing that is shown below. It always sipped into my mind the following sentence “Sometimes it’s so slow that it’s faster to send a snail mail than an email”.

Now, I fully understand the agony of those bloggers who have a slow connection. Prior to this experience I don’t always have a problem connecting in the internet since I have a fiber optic connection in the house and I am the only one using the password secured wi-fi. But now that I’m on a 3-week vacation here in Cebu, Philippines at the house of my parents, it’s a never ending waiting for every page to load. And I can no longer watch NASA’s Final Space Shuttle Launch Live.

08 July 2011

Final Space Shuttle Launch

People at the Cape Canaveral is preparing for the last and final space shuttle launch today but it seems that bad weather is threatening to delay Atlantis’ final voyage before its retirement. In fact, space shuttle Atlantis is already waiting at the launch pad when a lightning hit a water tower near the launch pad but according to reports, the shuttle is okay and unharmed.

Most likely the last liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis will be put on a standoff and the closing of NASA’s 30-year space shuttle program will be delayed for at least another day if the weather is not cooperating. Space shuttle launch time at 11:26 am looks dismal with the forecast of only 30% chance of acceptable weather, reports said.

Despite the bad forecast (whether rain or shine), I’m sure many would still flock around the area of Cape Canaveral to witness the final space shuttle mission which is carrying a year’s worth of provisions for the international space station. Atlantis will be on a 12-day voyage and if the space shuttle launch will go on schedule, it will be back at Kennedy Space Center by 20 July which also coincides with man’s first touchdown on the moon.

Once Atlantis is put on retirement, it will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for its final resting place.

07 July 2011

Uncomfortable Hot Rainy Season

The day is gloomy and seems I won't be seeing the sun again. Although July is already the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines but there are several (if not many) occasions that the sun is up and so intense. Since I arrived last week, I've been sweating a lot and the bad thing is that it is so sticky that you have to take a shower more often than the usual. It is indeed a very uncomfortable and squawking hot rainy season here.
And so the hunt and the pursue of looking for angry birds items and stuff is in a hot pursuit also. Never expected the scarcity of the said stuff in the city of Cebu. There have been less choices to get and if there is, the price is quite unreasonable as well. I was thinking on the other hand that it might be because this kind of collectibles is not yet popular even though the games are played by most people. In fact a blogger just told me a few weeks back that her mom who is on her fifty-ish already is also having a great time with Angry Birds.

We might be having the design above for our son's first b-day and as of the moment we still don't have the character stuff around it. Two more stores to drop by and see if they have some available Angry Birds characters. Wish us luck...!

06 July 2011

I Found Wiggy's Beach Resort

On the day that I arrived at Mactan Cebu International Airport we headed up north of Cebu and along the way I found something interesting. Despite venturing into a three week long vacation I am still thinking off what will happen in the world of Adgitize come first of July. There will be changes in the earning potential with Adgitize, though it is minimal but it will drastically impact the publisher in general.

Anyhow, going back to the stuff I saw along our trip north. I saw a billboard that says, "Wiggy's Beach Resort" and it immediately struck my mind one blogger and Adgitize member named Wiggy of Wiggy's World. The only thing is, I haven't get a picture of the signage since it was fast when we pass by the area and there's no chance of getting back for it is getting dark. And we don't want to be on travelling on the road at night, it's hard if you break down in the middle of no where and strange place. But I was able to get a snapshot of it the second time around I pass by the place. I will be posting the picture soon when time permits me to upload it. You know, it's hard to be on the internet when you are on vacation. hehe.

03 July 2011

The Long Flight to Cebu

The long flight (almost 10 hours) going to Cebu, Philippines made me busy watching two full movies. I watched Johnny Depp's Rango and had a great rest in between watching the other movie of Matt Damon's The Adjustment Bureau. I would say that it's not that good comparing to his other action movies but it's not that bad as well. What attracts me the most of the movie is the parting words or the last lines over the background voice that goes like this...

"Most people live life on the path we set for them. Too afraid to explore any other but once in a while people like you come along and knock down all the obstacles we put in your way. People who realize free will is a gift, you'll never know how to use until you fight for it".

Don't ever think that I memorized those lines cause I am not good at it anymore and it is quite long for me to handle. So, I wrote it down in my phone like what an SMS is and that it didn't give me a hard time writing down the whole 57 words.