07 July 2011

Uncomfortable Hot Rainy Season

The day is gloomy and seems I won't be seeing the sun again. Although July is already the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines but there are several (if not many) occasions that the sun is up and so intense. Since I arrived last week, I've been sweating a lot and the bad thing is that it is so sticky that you have to take a shower more often than the usual. It is indeed a very uncomfortable and squawking hot rainy season here.
And so the hunt and the pursue of looking for angry birds items and stuff is in a hot pursuit also. Never expected the scarcity of the said stuff in the city of Cebu. There have been less choices to get and if there is, the price is quite unreasonable as well. I was thinking on the other hand that it might be because this kind of collectibles is not yet popular even though the games are played by most people. In fact a blogger just told me a few weeks back that her mom who is on her fifty-ish already is also having a great time with Angry Birds.

We might be having the design above for our son's first b-day and as of the moment we still don't have the character stuff around it. Two more stores to drop by and see if they have some available Angry Birds characters. Wish us luck...!

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  1. that's right sometime its very uncomfortable in Philippines especially in manila with a very hot weather.