08 July 2011

Final Space Shuttle Launch

People at the Cape Canaveral is preparing for the last and final space shuttle launch today but it seems that bad weather is threatening to delay Atlantis’ final voyage before its retirement. In fact, space shuttle Atlantis is already waiting at the launch pad when a lightning hit a water tower near the launch pad but according to reports, the shuttle is okay and unharmed.

Most likely the last liftoff of space shuttle Atlantis will be put on a standoff and the closing of NASA’s 30-year space shuttle program will be delayed for at least another day if the weather is not cooperating. Space shuttle launch time at 11:26 am looks dismal with the forecast of only 30% chance of acceptable weather, reports said.

Despite the bad forecast (whether rain or shine), I’m sure many would still flock around the area of Cape Canaveral to witness the final space shuttle mission which is carrying a year’s worth of provisions for the international space station. Atlantis will be on a 12-day voyage and if the space shuttle launch will go on schedule, it will be back at Kennedy Space Center by 20 July which also coincides with man’s first touchdown on the moon.

Once Atlantis is put on retirement, it will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for its final resting place.

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