22 July 2012

Relaxing Home Interiors

After eight long hours of work in the office or in the field, you come home with strained back, stiffed neck, crushing headache will be aggravated when you open the door and see a cluttered, disarrayed, messy (however you describe it) house. Eventually one has to start grooming it by removing unnecessary decors, appliances or fixtures that has a redundant purpose. A relaxing interior means a jumble free environment, as they say, less is peaceful and this is true with designs as well. Cool wall colors, proper room ventilation, live plants as interior accents with cool relaxing music on your background and a glass of refreshing freshly squeezed herb and lemon juice on your hand. This will certainly offer you a breather after a toxic day in your office.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

16 July 2012

Surprising Interiors

If you drive thru the neighborhood, you’ll see varying designs of newly constructed townhouses and apartments. Some designers opt for the simplistic look, others go for the retro and some prefer the modern type design or a combination of sorts like retro-modern or simplistic-modern. Personally I prefer a very conventional box house. I always like a boring look on the outside but surprise the guests of what you have to offer on the inside. I prefer high ceiling with exposed round beams to create a feel of wide open space, eternal white walls complimented with earth themed paintings, polished wood floors made of iron wood adorned with natural indoor foliage to complete the rich cool ambiance of the outdoor inside your home.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

11 July 2012

Online Insurance Renewal

I almost forgot to renew the insurance of my vehicle which was due last 7 June although I was asking already if there were new process or changes in the renewal. Lucky for me also because around 3-4 days before the due date, I received a text message from my insurance company that I may be able to renew it online. This is the first time that I knew about online renewal of vehicle insurance policy though I see it coming considering the unstoppable progress of the internet. And I think they are promoting a new feature since this is the first time I heard from them and I was insured at the same company for two years already.

So I tried my luck again and I don’t get any problem going through the process and was able to renew online my car insurance for 2013. My other problem now is whether it will be accepted in the traffic division for my car registration, so I did take my chance.

A day before the expiry, I went to the insurance company to take my policy card, took a priority number and found out that there were five people ahead of me… so I waited. What I didn't expect is the fast and smooth processes despite having only four agents around. The waiting time was probably less than 3-4 minutes and I’m out of the building already.

My next stop was the traffic division for registration. As usual, took a priority number and waited again but this time there were ten ahead of me and was glad that six people are entertaining the customers. And the same thing happened, it probably just took me five minutes to finish the registration then I was on my way back home. I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and was home already before 10 o’clock. The travel time to and from my desired destination was even longer than the actual time that I spent processing the insurance and registration of my car. And that’s the beauty of the internet and online transactions, it is making things a lot easier and faster yet there’s always an exception in the rule where online transaction became a headache.

And that I will be talking in my next post.

08 July 2012

Federer’s Another Magnificent Milestone

I watched the Swiss maestro humbled Andy Murray in the finals at Wimbledon that many thought he could no longer compete with the younger legs. Yet, he once again defy that age is certainly not the case when it comes to his favorite court. It ended a Grand Slam title drought for Roger Federer and eventually became one of the oldest players to win a grand slam title and the second oldest to hold the number one ranking. It also puts on hold Britain’s 76-year wait for a homegrown champion once again though Andy is almost right there already.

Though Andy did try his best by taking the first set yet Roger was just in his own class and became the top-rank player that once he was. With the win, Federer equaled a record seventh Wimbledon title and adding one more to a record grand slam collection that now stands at 17. In doing so, he also returned as number 1 in the world rankings, equaling Sampra’s record of 286 weeks at the top and he will eventually set a new record and reach another unprecedented landmark of 287 weeks as world number one in the coming week.

And with the London Olympic just around the corner, there is no doubt that he will be one of the favorites to win the gold in men’s tennis considering that it will be held on the same grass court. Although Djokovic, Nadal and Murray were also there but there’s nothing simple about beating the guy on the other side of the net if Federer is standing there. An Olympic gold in men’s tennis singles will add to his already illustrious achievements that until now keep eluding him. And if he continues to play the way he has, he’ll have an excellent chance of finishing as number one through the end of the year.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

05 July 2012

Planning of Making another Blog

It was just recently that I was ghost writing some tech blog posts for a friend and I must admit that it was hard to make a bulk assignment with this type of niche. Although it wasn't my first to write some tech gizmos but this one has to be up to date and has to include recent tech buzz. That itself, need some diggings and research and it eventually took 4 days to finish the 15 posts that was assigned to me but of course you also have to consider that I have a day job to do. And at one point I also got a bulk assignment about home improvement and designs but that was finished in lesser time.

And last night, it left me thinking and asking myself if I should be starting my own tech and home design related blogs. Right now I already have three blogs that I constantly updated. I have a medical, health and safety blog (Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness) considering that I worked as a healthcare provider. Then just September of last year, I started my fourth blog which is a travel and photography niche and I called it “Snapshots as they happen”. And my personal blog (humbleopinion by sir rob) that talks about almost everything from the poems I wrote, sports that I love watching and not the one that I tried playing, family, life and so on. It is basically a general type of blog but with limited discussion of my point of view because of the circumstances in the kind of job that I have right now.

If you noticed that I mentioned earlier that I have three blogs and that is true yet I was also talking about my fourth blog that I started last September, it sounds confusing in some ways, right? But what happen is that I already have four blogs but I already get rid of the third blog because I don’t have time anymore to update all of them. How much more if I am going to add another one or two blogs?

03 July 2012

The Firmoo Models

This is a very late post and that was supposedly posted way back in the second or third week of May. But because of circumstances that happened and some priorities to make, it has continued to push this post in the backseat many times. In fact, (true to its word) this photo was taken 12 May 2012 and was just so happy that it arrived in time before Mother’s Day. The promise was it will arrive in 15 – 20 days from the time of our last email confirmation when I choose the kind of model I want. But that wasn’t followed because all of the (three Firmoo) shades came earlier than expected and it was so fast that it didn’t took for a week to arrive.

These two part time models of mine look so great and beautiful with their new Firmoo shades. It is not just elegant but a classy eyewear as well. Not to mention that even this young fellow on the right wear his dad’s sunglasses awkwardly and clearly shows that it doesn’t fit on him. Yet he doesn’t mind, as long as he looks cute and charming with it. Check back for more detailed critique of Firmoo’s eyewear.

02 July 2012

The Amazing Spain

I wasn't able to see the live game as I usually do because I was on duty last night but I was able to read live commentary in Yahoo Sports. I was able to follow how the mighty Spain dismantled the resurging Azzurri and broke records along the way. Together with it are the never ending claims of notable individuals about Spain’s boring type of game but the statistics in Spain vs. Italy Euro 2012 finals says otherwise.

Indeed, Spain lives to their great style of passing ability and resolute defense en-route to a new passing average. And yet many call that a boring game? Well, everyone is entitled of their own opinion and they may have a different view about La Roja’s style of tiki-taka play. But goals in 14 and 41 minutes are incontestable case of Spain’s surgical precision passes. And their crushing 4-0 win at the Olympic Stadium may have silenced their critics as they dominated Italy in all aspect.

And here are some of the stats that would attest that Spain reign supreme in football.
  • Spain is the first team to win back to back European Championship with World Cup wins in between.
  • The four-goal winning margin was the biggest in a European Championship or World Cup final.
  • Spain are unbeaten in their last 12 European Championship finals matches and have not conceded a goal in their last five, both competition records.
  • They have not conceded a goal in their last 10 knockout games at the European and World Cup finals.
  • Spain has not conceded a goal in their last five Euro matches.
  • Spain is on a 29-game undefeated run.

And this phrase is what made Spain the amazing team when Spain’s coach was interviewed, "We have strikers but we decided to play with players who went better with our style."

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.