22 July 2012

Relaxing Home Interiors

After eight long hours of work in the office or in the field, you come home with strained back, stiffed neck, crushing headache will be aggravated when you open the door and see a cluttered, disarrayed, messy (however you describe it) house. Eventually one has to start grooming it by removing unnecessary decors, appliances or fixtures that has a redundant purpose. A relaxing interior means a jumble free environment, as they say, less is peaceful and this is true with designs as well. Cool wall colors, proper room ventilation, live plants as interior accents with cool relaxing music on your background and a glass of refreshing freshly squeezed herb and lemon juice on your hand. This will certainly offer you a breather after a toxic day in your office.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.


  1. I so love to have a relaxing and peaceful, mess free house. But having the toddlers are so impossible:(

    Hopping from Alexa!

  2. This reminds me of the long table in japan. where we used to drink sake after a hard day work... omg i miss it a bunch !!