06 August 2012

The Golden Moment, Finally

I watched Federer bowed down to the resilient Andy Murray in their tennis finals at the London Olympic Games yesterday afternoon. And if you are following my blog, you know that I am a big fan of the maestro because of the sportsmanship he displays on and off the court or even during the hard times of his playing career. And you seldom see him smashed tennis racket on the court or show disappointments while on play. He always keeps his composure despite the difficulty of the situation on hand.
image from TopNewsToday

And just like what happened during yesterday’s Tennis Olympic finals, he never showed any frustrations when he can’t seem to find answers on Murray’s aggressive approach. He eventually lost in three sets with a stunning margin in the first two sets (6-2, 6-1), especially on the second set when Federer was unable to score for more than an hour.

It was a sweet revenge for Andy Murray after his defeat from the hands of Federer himself a month ago at the same tennis ground. The only difference is that, it was during the Wimbledon Grand Slam finals. Murray’s victory yesterday marked a career breakthrough for him and he could be a favorite going to the next Grand Slam, the US Open, which is still eluding him.

Federer on the other hand, was chasing for a career Golden Slam as it is the only major award that is missing in his illustrious career with a total of 17 Grand Slam titles in all competitions.


  1. Yes, at last! I'm a Federer fan but this time I cheered for Murray.

  2. not a fan of him but was very happy for team GB!

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