30 April 2012

Within Touching Distance

One down, one to go and that’s the reality now in the chase for the coveted La Liga championship. Real Madrid made it sure that the Champions League exit last Wednesday is already past and focusing on the remaining goal is what’s important if they’re going to have silverware this season. Although the last El Clasico victory at Nou Camp earlier last week is more than just a championship trophy for these arch rivals. In fact, it is the turning point why the Los Blancos is within touching distance of capturing their 32nd La Liga title and first in four years.

Barca visited the depleted Rayo Vallecano and was able to live another day and grasped a tiny breather in chasing for the 4th successive title. It is still a slim chance though as Real Madrid will visit 7th place Bilbao on Wednesday while Barcelona plays the resurgent and Qatari owned Malaga at home. A win by the Los Blancos will seal the game and lift the La Liga title no matter what the outcome of Barca’s match. With only two more games remaining, it is statistically impossible for Barca to overtake Real Madrid even if the latter will lose their last two games (which is very unlikely).

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

29 April 2012

The World of Football was brought to Standstill

I have watched live football in a 40” LCD and sleep late so I won’t just read the results on the news the day after. It was a very important game that I watched but the result is not good because it is not what I wanted it to be or perhaps, the one I expected. And with it, the world of football within me was brought to standstill including the urge to write. Not that I have nothing to write or had a writer’s block because I have so many pending topics to scribble but don’t have the motivation.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be posted two days ago right in the aftermath of Real Madrid’s stunning loss to Bayern Munich (at least to me). Although the Bavarians is a strong team but after a good start by the Los Blancos in the first half, they just can’t seem to find another goal that would seal the match and send them in the finals. Instead they were beaten by the resilient Bayern in another intense and nerve wreaking penalty shootout when the tied score can’t be decided with extra time added.

It started with CRon, Kaka follows when they both send the ball right where Neuer moved or was he just able to read where it goes? Two great players both had World Footballer of the year under their names yet blundered when their goals needed it most. Then Ramos finished it (another strong player) when he let the ball fly way above the crossbar instead of at the back of the net. Although Casillas did save Ronaldo and Kaka when he made his own great saves but three is perhaps to much for him to do and that’s where they lost (1-3) in penalty shootout. And Bayern Munich became the first team to ever play the Champions League finals at their own stadium.

27 April 2012

Guardiola Calls it a Day

Pep Guardiola calls it a day, raised the white flag and leaves Barca at the end of the season. The decision was made final during Barcelona’s press conference and appointed Guardiola’s assistant Tito Vilanova as his replacement. I think Barca players didn’t expect him to quit and would most likely to continue coaching them in the next season or so. But with Pep not renewing his contract before this stage of the season, it probably is a sign that he is ready to walk away from Barcelona.

There are so many speculations regarding his future after steering Barca to thirteen (13) titles since he started managing in 2008. With the La Liga is far beyond their reach, they might be able to add one more when they face Athletic Bilbao in the finals of Copa de Rey next month. Although there are still four games remaining before the season concludes and statistically it is not impossible to still grab the driver seat from arch rivals Real Madrid yet many believe that the El Clasico loss was the turning point.

Nobody really knows what’s inside the mind of Pep and that if he really wanted to call it a day. Did he plan it out? Like a long way back when Barca is still trailing Madrid with a massive ten points? Did he saw it coming? Or was it because of the aftermath of El Clasico and Champions League semi-final defeats? No one knows, only Pep Guardiola knows.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

21 April 2012

El Clasico: La Liga title sur-Real for Madrid

The most anticipated and most talked match in football will happen again later tonight (21 April) or early morning the next day (depending which part of the world you are in). It could be there last matchup of the season if both aren’t going to over turn their recent Champions League semi-finals defeat. But if they do (like most have expected) they will meet again next month for the last time at the Allianz Arena to conquer the most elite silverware and become the European champions.

With that alone you know what teams I am talking about. And tonight the El Clasico is happening once again though as classic as it is, it was marred with a fair amount of controversy since Mourinho became the manager of Real Madrid. No matter what it is, the arch rivals will meet tonight at Camp Nou to decide and fight for three crucial points that will shape the destination of La Liga title this season.

Officially, the Los Blancos is four points ahead of bitter rivals Barca with five more games left including tonight’s game. A win or draw at Nou Camp will almost certainly hand over the La Liga title and momentarily halt Barca’s four year dominance in the league. And giving Mourinho his first La Liga title and will be his second trophy (2011 King’s Cup) since taking charge of Real Madrid last season. If they lose, Madrid must win their four remaining games and cannot allow any draw because if ever they finished with the same points, Barca had a head-to-head advantage.

I believe that even a loss, the La Liga title will probably be sur-Real for Madrid considering their dominance this season. And there have been so much at stake on hand and records to fall after tonight’s El Clasico.

NB: Image from cristianoronaldofan.net.

19 April 2012

QPR Fighting towards Safety

I’m not really a big fan of QPR but I was following them from time to time even before they are being promoted to the Premier League this season. They lead three English League Championship teams last season with a seesaw games and eventually emerged at the stop spot followed buy Norwich and Swansea. While Swansea has to sweat it out via a play-off before being promoted.

At the start of the season, Queens Park Rangers showed a promising stint ahead of them in the Premier League. But as the season progressed they eventually succumbed to the rigors and competitiveness in the top tier and are now battling to avoid relegation. With four more games remaining to play, they cannot afford to slip up. At the moment they are in 17th position which is just several points above from the bottom three. And depending on the result of the games on Saturday, it will eventually complicate the standings of the bottom five.

On the other hand, QPR is also facing tougher games in the coming days starting on Saturday at home against Tottenham then travel to the revitalized Chelsea on 29 April. And end the season with a game against number two Manchester City but even before that match I’m sure their fate of being relegated or not could be known already. A win at Loftus Road on Saturday will give them a breather.

16 April 2012

Happy as a Hippo, Party till you Drop

As the sun set , the night creatures are up and about gearing up for another sequence of events with fellow nocturnal beings. They have different ways of spending those hours. Some hang out in cafeterias, coffee shops, bars and some will spend the night away on the dance floor. Rave parties are in for the young ones or for anybody who have that overflowing energy inside them waiting to be unleashed. Rave parties or acid house parties (as they call it in the 80’s) gave way for these party animals to get together to enjoy and dance the night away with the mix of tribal and techno electric, ravey-hypnotic style music pumped up by the disc jockeys.

And to sustain that revved-up energy, some resort to party enhancers and some of the host are using the K6 herbal incense of Herbal City LLC. Some of the powders when lighted gives off an enhancing smell similar to the aroma of yoga temples.They are often used in rituals or ceremonies like transcendental meditation to establish a positive mood of an individual (even spas are using some of these relaxing aromas) but in parties, it keeps the patrons more jovial and in a happy, relaxed mood that seem to last till the next sundown.

These spiritual powders, herbal incense are regulated in some states or countries for a reason that some of these contain substances that are supposed to be under prescription or with medical supervision only. Read thoroughly or ask somebody who is knowledgeable enough especially when buying on the internet. Always check with your medical practitioner to be safe.

14 April 2012

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for Manchester City?

With two draws and two losses in their last seven Premier League games, Man City surrendered the top spot to arch and city rival Manchester United. While earlier this month, ManU opened an eight point advantage after six successive wins that started last month during the course of Man City’s mishap. And after Manchester City’s loss to Arsenal on 8 April, many have thought that it would be the end of their English Premier Championship bid while Manchester United doesn’t stop winning also.

After Man City demolished West Bromwich (4-0) at Etihad Stadium last Wednesday, this time they crushed Norwich (6-1) at their own turf with Tevez leading the goal scoring with his first treble after coming back from a long suspension and self exiled situation. Fellow Argentinean and team-mate Aguero almost got his own hat trick as well if not only of the post. The win cut Manchester United’s lead to just 2 points although they still have a game left to play on Sunday at home against Aston Villa. Another loss or a draw will surely blow their chance of securing their 20th English league crown. And if both have the same points at the end of the season, the winner will be decided with the goal difference and the goals scored. As of this time Man City had the upper hand with eight better than their arch rivals.

The back-to-back win, rekindles Manchester City’s hopes into the title race and of winning their first title since 1968. Thus putting some pressure on Manchester United with their surprise defeat at Wigan and ahead of their game tomorrow at Old Trafford.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

11 April 2012

There's Nothing as Easy as Scotts Snap

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always love to have a well groomed grass in our house but there are so many circumstances that affect the way it grows. In fact the lawn that we have in the playground of our house in the Philippines was so nice but because no one maintains it and since the keeping up is hard as well so they wilted in the heat of the sun. And I have to consider the age of my father too if he is going to do the hard labor to keep it in good condition.

One time in one of my vacation last year, I saw him using a portable contraption but I don’t know what was he doing then because I was busy taking care of with my little boy also. Although I’m sure he was doing something for the grass to grow so it can get beautiful but with difficulty at some point. And now seeing Scotts® Snap® Spreader System for the first time, I am so convinced that it will make things a lot easier especially with the simple steps to follow.

All you have to do is just snap, lock and go...! The Snap Pac Advertisementwill connect to the spreader without cutting anything and the system auto-sets the proper flow rate so there’s no mess and waste to worry. And if you think that’s all you got? It doesn't stop right there since the Snap Pac seal itself when you remove it. Lastly, don’t ever forget to like Snap perks on Facebook for the chance to win amazing prizes and the video below will give you more idea with the Scotts Snap Spreader System Testimonial.

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09 April 2012

Running the Wrong Way

Professional basketball in the US is a serious business yet you cannot avoid for weird and bizarre things to happen in any given game. And the video below is one of the many that happened and players get confused sometimes while playing on the four corners of the court. The video says it all and pay particular attention to the player in white jersey with number 32 on his back. He run on the wrong direction.

06 April 2012

Another Nerve Wreaking Football Month

April is another nerve wreaking month for football fanatics and right now most of the top teams are still fighting until the end of the season.

Man City lost its ground at the top and is now chasing ManU for 5 points. And their game on Sunday, 8 April, against Arsenal is very crucial if they are going to cut off the lead and stay in contention for the EPL championship. On the other hand, United is much poised to extend the lead to 8 points (temporarily) when they face QPR (fourth bottom dwellers) tomorrow at Old Trafford.

While Real Madrid is facing its toughest test against third place Valencia on Sunday in a bid to end Barca’s monopoly of La Liga titles and retain their 6 points advantage or extend the lead to nine (if Barcelona lost at Zaragoza on Saturday). Then another difficult game is looming on 11 April against the revived city rivals Atletico Madrid. A double loss for Los Blancos will put Barcelona on top of the leader board and if Barca won their two incoming games against Zaragoza and Getafe. A Barcelona loss is very unlikely to happen knowing that Zaragoza stands at the bottom third. Although they lost to Getafe at Coliseum Alfonso PĂ©rez for their first ever loss of the season but it was way back then and it could be another an easy match for them.

Meanwhile in Serie A, league leader Milan have the comfort of facing a miserable Fiorentina squad at San Siro tomorrow and will extend their lead from Juve to five points. Who will be seeing action later on the day when they visit the unpredictable Palermo and they still yet to taste what its like to lose. At the moment, they remain unbeaten this season.

04 April 2012

A Champions League without Barcelona

This isn’t a belated April Fool’s story and we all know what Barca can do on the pitch. And it is so hard to neglect their impeccable record of trophies in the past three years alone. Not to mention winning as many championship trophies in all competitions and if you aren’t following Blaugrana’s games then I will spell it out.

Since Josep Guardiola took over as Barcelona’s manager in 2008 season, he became the all-time record holder of most titles won as a coach at FC Barcelona. It was an impressive achievement as Barca won their 12th trophy out of 15 possible in just three years. And it seems that they are not ready yet to relinquish their ways of winning more trophies as the 2011 season is nearing its conclusion.

12 May 2012 is the last day of La Liga games yet Barcelona is trailing 6 points from fierce rival Real Madrid with 8 more games left to play. It isn’t an impossible task considering that they haven’t lost a game since their last La Liga defeat against Osasuna. On the other hand, Madrid hasn’t lost a game either since their last defeat in the second El Clasico (Copa del Rey quarter-finals) at the Santiago Bernabeu. Although they slipped up with 2 successive draws mid of last month but they have demolished Osasuna at their own turf where Barca tasted its second loss in La Liga.

Then the elite of European football clubs reached for the last four. Barca will face the resurgent Chelsea while Madrid will go head to head against the surge of in form of Bayern Munich. Yet many have said that the latter is set up so perfectly that they are the only team who has a chance to upset the defending champions at their Allianz Arena. Mourinho already predicted that Chelsea has no chance of reaching the Champions League finals and it is very much unlikely to be a Real Madrid – Chelsea final. Perhaps, it could be Bayern – Barcelona but I am biased after all and I still want Madrid to be in the finals despite being the underdogs and have only won once against the Barcelona of Guardiola.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.