29 April 2012

The World of Football was brought to Standstill

I have watched live football in a 40” LCD and sleep late so I won’t just read the results on the news the day after. It was a very important game that I watched but the result is not good because it is not what I wanted it to be or perhaps, the one I expected. And with it, the world of football within me was brought to standstill including the urge to write. Not that I have nothing to write or had a writer’s block because I have so many pending topics to scribble but don’t have the motivation.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be posted two days ago right in the aftermath of Real Madrid’s stunning loss to Bayern Munich (at least to me). Although the Bavarians is a strong team but after a good start by the Los Blancos in the first half, they just can’t seem to find another goal that would seal the match and send them in the finals. Instead they were beaten by the resilient Bayern in another intense and nerve wreaking penalty shootout when the tied score can’t be decided with extra time added.

It started with CRon, Kaka follows when they both send the ball right where Neuer moved or was he just able to read where it goes? Two great players both had World Footballer of the year under their names yet blundered when their goals needed it most. Then Ramos finished it (another strong player) when he let the ball fly way above the crossbar instead of at the back of the net. Although Casillas did save Ronaldo and Kaka when he made his own great saves but three is perhaps to much for him to do and that’s where they lost (1-3) in penalty shootout. And Bayern Munich became the first team to ever play the Champions League finals at their own stadium.

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