31 October 2010

Borrowed Time

Life is full of uncertainties and life’s circumstances are not always what we wished them to be. Life holds no guarantees of how long our loved ones will live and no one of us knows until when our borrowed times be put to an end. What tomorrow brings, we cannot know… what the future brings, only God knows.

Grief and loss are of natural process in our life but dealing with it seems to be very difficult. Each of us has different ways of coping with the loss, most especially if it is our loved ones. Even though we knew that this borrowed life will be taken away from us yet, we still at times carry the burden of the emotional pain from the loss. No one has ever prepared us to be at the same shoe even if we have experience the same loss some time in our life.

They are gone and life will never be the same… but life is not about losing people, it’s about loving them when they are here and cherish them when they are gone. Don’t waste the opportunity to say something when you have the time to do it because we don’t know how long we’ll have that opportunity. Don’t wait the time when their name is chiseled on a cold marble stone… because no amount of regret can recover the wasted time.

29 October 2010

Tricks on PSP

Who said you can't teach old dogs with new tricks?

I guess there's always an exception in every rule and there's always something different out in the pack. He's 65 something years old but still very serious in playing with his PSP, luckily he wasn't using his iPod nano. Pay much attention on how serious he is, this contraption doesn't end at the hands of the younger generation and even sexagenarians still can play the game. This could be his past time and gone the years when farming is the fav. Who knows, some are still growing seeds and toiling in the fields, but I suspect it was done in Farmville.!!

It's funny how things have been right now, it's all because of sophistication and anywhere you can play your favorite games. Anyone saving for the release of the new game in town? I am talking about the new Xbox console game, Kinect for Xbox 360.

28 October 2010

Baby Seth's arrival in Cebu

I was able to breathe with relief upon knowing that my family arrived safely in Cebu yesterday afternoon. I was able to see both of them in the webcam via Skype. This is what technology is all about, bringing family close to each other even you are thousands of miles away. The grandparents were excited upon seeing their first grandson but was surprise to see the rashes that baby Seth have, all over his body including his scalp. It’s one of the main reasons why they went home, so he could be checked by doctors in Cebu.

Baby Seth’s mom still groggy from the long flight, jet lag and most especially, baby Seth was acting up in the plane. He became an instant celebrity that almost all of the passengers were looking towards their seat when he keep on crying during the lights of the plane were turn off. I just hope the passengers are able to sleep and rest and so sorry for the inconvenience our son has brought them. Thanks also to those who have help them with their baggage during departure and upon arrival in Cebu.

27 October 2010

RIP - El Pulpo Paul

Does anyone still remember Paul?

He became famous and rise to global prominence earlier this year after his all time no mistake predictions in the recent World Cup in Africa. All of his predictions resulted as winner including the final games between Spain and the Netherlands. I think a lot didn't expect Spain to emerge as winner yet they snatch the limelight after the famous octopus choose them to win the biggest single sport tournament and the most prestigious sport. Least that everyone would know that it was just the beginning of Spain's spectacular year, they also won the most and prestigious cycling event "Tour de France" and Rafa punctuated and completed the Grand Slam event for Spain by winning his first ever US Open (one of the four grand slam tournament).

Paul died of natural cause and according to reports that he have reach the old age of 2 1/2 years, he died in his tank in Germany. One of the Spanish town made him an honorary friend for what he did in the World Cup. Officials from the aquarium said that they might give Paul a small burial plot within their grounds and have a permanent shrine to best commemorate him.

Goodbye Paul and rest in peace. He is of British descent.

26 October 2010

Scrip of the Songs

I could still remember what we have before
you reminded me of a love I knew
you came and change something within,
I know by then I wanna be with you,
to be the one who’s in your arms.
We make ourselves laugh in small things
I got excited every time I’m going to see you.

Never had I spoken so freely,
so comfortably with someone.
The smell of your scent,
the sound of your voice
painted in my memories,
you gave me faith to find my dreams.

All these words make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance.
I thought you were just the best I ever had
But I just end up getting hurt again.

25 October 2010

Home alone in a big house

I will be living a solitary life from this day on and perhaps for about a month, not that I'm going to be a hermit or for any religious reason. I'll be home alone again in this three bedroom house, with only four solid walls that I can talk to. The house looks like it has been recently deserted but actually it's kinda like that, with the exception that they will surely be coming back.

Anyway, the saddest part was to say take care and be careful to your family when they are about to fly home for a deserving vacation and more to enjoy. I just came back from the airport several hours ago for the sending off of my wife and our son, they are going to the Philippines. It's our son's first time to travel by air and the second for my wife to be alone travelling a long flight. It's quite sad to think that I won't be going with them and most devastating for the thought that my wife is alone bringing our little child who just turn 13 weeks recently. I cannot imagine what it's like when our son will be acting up while up in the air and she is all alone to take care of him. Their flight will be about 10 hours and 30 minutes, quite a very long flight for a little child like him.

I'm just hoping everything will just be fine and turn out all right when they land safely at Mactan Cebu International Airport tomorrow afternoon.

24 October 2010

The Story of Our Lives

People come and people go
in this cruel and lonely world,
where hope is so fragile
attached on a thin line, so volatile.

The door of happiness closes,
another soon to be opened.
Though it is not easy
but for sure, there should be a way.

Deep in the stillness of hope,
there’s more to life than only bitterness.
And for awhile, everything seemed clear,
I am certain that I’ll never be alone.

20 October 2010

Tears on My Heart

I can’t wait to live my life again
it’s been stagnant since you left me hangin’,
not because i wasn’t able to let go and move on.
it’s just, i don’t know where to start.

There are so many apprehensions,
riddled with so much uncertainties,
too afraid of what will happen if it fails
yet, so hard giving up what you love the most
but it wore no trinket of promise.

Moving on is not just closing the doors of the past,
it’s also about having peace of mind on everything.
when i finally meet the right person,
i will know how to be grateful for that gift…
that we simply cannot have things our way.

19 October 2010

Countries allowed by Paypal

With the advent of making money online or earning some extra money in the internet you need to have a legitimate money processor in order for you to receive and get your hard earned money. There are so many money processors out there and one of it is Paypal and you can sign up for free. I am not sure if Paypal is the oldest among all but I believe it is a legitimate and secured money processor.

If you still don't have one then you can sign up here.

After you register with Paypal there are other things that you need to know as well, because not all countries have the privilege what other countries have. What I meant is, there are countries that can send and receive money from Paypal but not all are able to withdraw this earnings from your Paypal account and transfer it in your local bank account. So I am making this to ease up those burden and for anyone to check first which country does allowed Paypal and which one doesn't.

The following countries are the only one who has the option or has the privilege to SEND, RECEIVE AND WITHDRAW to a LOCAL or US Bank Account or a card. Which means you CAN send and receive payments and withdraw from your Paypal account to your country's bank account.

- Czech Republic - Indonesia - Portugal
- Denmark - Ireland - Reunion
- Finland - Japan - Slovakia
- French Guiana - Luxembourg - South Korea
- Greece - Martinique - Sweden
- Guadeloupe - New Zealand - Taiwan
- Hungary - Norway - Thailand
- India - Philippines

If your country is not included in the above list then check the link below to see what your country offers.

17 October 2010

Save Geraldine

Life..!! you really don't know what will happen next, what tomorrow brings... we cannot know.

I was watching Rated K in TFC (The Filipino Channel) and couldn't believe the horrific story of a used to be beauty queen, turned into a different face when she was afflicted with a kidney disease and a metabolic disorder while on dialysis. It changed her life, the life of her family and to those around her poignantly, not knowing that a once beauty diva could be like that. You can see the difference on the photo below.

Financial difficulty is one of the reason why she looks different already and could be the sole reason why she acquired such disorder. She had a tragic story but Geraldine or commonly known as "Dane" did not lose hope and faith. Her husband was there all the time and was her only determination when at once she want to let it go already.

If you want to help Geraldine go to her website or at Facebook, just search "Save Geraldine J. Oliva" or just click here. You can see all the informations there, where to send the amount you want to extend. Or you can also send her an email at savegeraldine@yahoo.com.

16 October 2010

A Chance

What’s with these words that it’s so hard for us to give it a try?
All I’m asking is a chance to prove it.
Why are we so afraid to take a risk?
Was it because of the previous hurt that we felt?
Was it because it created a scar
 at one time in our life?

If you believe in something good
Then give it a chance to happen.
Some things are found only when they’re lost
And we have met better persons because of that scars.

Life can be very lonely when somewhere along the way,
one loses hope.
No matter how tough the situations seem to be,
no frail hope if you keep believing.

Have faith and see them for they are just there.
I may not know what lies ahead
But I do have the will worth taking that risk.