28 October 2010

Baby Seth's arrival in Cebu

I was able to breathe with relief upon knowing that my family arrived safely in Cebu yesterday afternoon. I was able to see both of them in the webcam via Skype. This is what technology is all about, bringing family close to each other even you are thousands of miles away. The grandparents were excited upon seeing their first grandson but was surprise to see the rashes that baby Seth have, all over his body including his scalp. It’s one of the main reasons why they went home, so he could be checked by doctors in Cebu.

Baby Seth’s mom still groggy from the long flight, jet lag and most especially, baby Seth was acting up in the plane. He became an instant celebrity that almost all of the passengers were looking towards their seat when he keep on crying during the lights of the plane were turn off. I just hope the passengers are able to sleep and rest and so sorry for the inconvenience our son has brought them. Thanks also to those who have help them with their baggage during departure and upon arrival in Cebu.

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