27 October 2010

RIP - El Pulpo Paul

Does anyone still remember Paul?

He became famous and rise to global prominence earlier this year after his all time no mistake predictions in the recent World Cup in Africa. All of his predictions resulted as winner including the final games between Spain and the Netherlands. I think a lot didn't expect Spain to emerge as winner yet they snatch the limelight after the famous octopus choose them to win the biggest single sport tournament and the most prestigious sport. Least that everyone would know that it was just the beginning of Spain's spectacular year, they also won the most and prestigious cycling event "Tour de France" and Rafa punctuated and completed the Grand Slam event for Spain by winning his first ever US Open (one of the four grand slam tournament).

Paul died of natural cause and according to reports that he have reach the old age of 2 1/2 years, he died in his tank in Germany. One of the Spanish town made him an honorary friend for what he did in the World Cup. Officials from the aquarium said that they might give Paul a small burial plot within their grounds and have a permanent shrine to best commemorate him.

Goodbye Paul and rest in peace. He is of British descent.

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