29 October 2010

Tricks on PSP

Who said you can't teach old dogs with new tricks?

I guess there's always an exception in every rule and there's always something different out in the pack. He's 65 something years old but still very serious in playing with his PSP, luckily he wasn't using his iPod nano. Pay much attention on how serious he is, this contraption doesn't end at the hands of the younger generation and even sexagenarians still can play the game. This could be his past time and gone the years when farming is the fav. Who knows, some are still growing seeds and toiling in the fields, but I suspect it was done in Farmville.!!

It's funny how things have been right now, it's all because of sophistication and anywhere you can play your favorite games. Anyone saving for the release of the new game in town? I am talking about the new Xbox console game, Kinect for Xbox 360.

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