26 January 2011

Baby Seth Got His Third Vaccines

Today is Baby Seth's Immunization. It's his third set of vaccination as he turned six months nine days ago. He got his OPV3, DPT3, HIB3, HBV3 and PCV3 vaccines. As usual two sets of injection on both his thigh and the loud cry goes off again but he was pacified after a few minutes of hugging and dancing.

We have him took a pediatric medicine for fever when we got home so as not to repeat the episode of fever he got in his fourth month that he got a fever of 38.2. So far, baby is fine but was acting up late at night when his sore thighs are probably aching too.

21 January 2011

Keyless Car Vulnerable to Thieves

Remote keyless entry has been around for a while – since the late 1980s, in fact – and today it’s almost standard on all new cars. But the pervasiveness of this feature is not without consequence. As researchers in Switzerland point out, the technology can make vehicle theft a breeze for a savvy thief.

Check out the full article here.

20 January 2011

Coffee Equipment

If you are looking for the perfect coffee equipment, choose the right machine that comes along with many features. Although there are plenty available, knowing where you intend to use it will narrow your choices. The demands for coffee machines have increased tremendously due to the increasing numbers of coffee shops that sprouted like mushrooms. Coffee has become a necessity for everybody and due to the fast pace of life in the growing economy, having it done fast is what coffee drinkers are looking. There are several machines that will brew your coffee in three minutes but the price range varies from the number of add on features that is included. Serving your customers in much higher speed will cut off the waiting time for those who are in a hurry, who don’t have time to sit and wait. This will lead to a potential repeat customer.

Taking care of your commercial coffee equipment is just like taking good care of yourself. It is with utmost importance that you have a working coffee maker if you want your business to keep going and moving. It is one of the bread and butter, aside of course of the coffee itself, when it comes to coffee shop business. It would be devastating when one day you’ll find your coffee equipment is damaged or broken. It will be the worst nightmare you’ll ever imagine especially when you don’t have that much budget. Cleaning it after every use is the first rule that you must master but is often times being ignored. Following simple tips will save you in the maintenance of the equipment. Maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment would prevent it from clogging giving you a relief that your coffee machine will be damaged and that it will last for a long time.

19 January 2011

Warming Up Your Car... For How Long?

What do you think about warming up your car before driving it? I heard many things about it and that you should warm it up to avoid untoward circumstances. Yet the question lies on how many minutes we should do that or perhaps for only a few seconds? There have been different ideas and theories being told and also depends on you are talking with.

The article Eight Facts About Warming Up Your Car in Winter, I believe holds so much truth. Read on it and let me know if you agree on it.

16 January 2011

Screen time spent on screen may affect children's health...

My hands were tied up until this time and I thought when baby grows up there could be less time to supervise him yet the more it was for us not to lose our sight for him. So this will only be a quick post and an easy one yet still has something to do with kids.

How many hours does your kids spent in-front of the screen whether TV or computer?

New studies reported that the more time children spends watching TV or playing in the computer seems to susceptible to psychological problems. It seems that the number of screening time spent by children may greatly affect children's health and verbal development.

15 January 2011

Nelson Mandela is NOT dead...

Who amongst us don't know who Nelson Mandela is? Mandela is the first black President of South Africa who at present is the latest victim of sick death hoax who is rapidly spreading in the cyberspace like a wild fire. Mandela who is often known in South Africa as u Tata Madiba is very much alive at the age of 92.

Viral trending is up that Nelson Mandela is dead despite the fact that he is still alive.

09 January 2011

Airport runway closed due to magnetic pole shifting

I am looking for new trends and updates to write in my other blog "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness" when I bumped into this very interesting article by Liz Goodwin, Earth's magnetic pole shifts, screws up runway at Florida airport. I never thought that it can disrupt an airport operations this big that it has to shut down for 6 days. in the article, it says that it will re-open on 13 January with a new taxiway signs.

I think we just have to get used with the changes on Earth's magnetic field and that it will affect anything that uses compass.

You can read the full article here.

06 January 2011

Coffee Enthusiast

Many have been enticed to start their own coffee shop, thanks to the ever growing demand and the good results from research about drinking coffee. Coffee equipment machines are not hard to find but if you are tight on budget, never buy any used coffee machines unless you know well the owner of the equipment. Chances are if you don’t know the owner then it might be over used and it might not be well maintained then you will just be buying another unit any time soon which is not a good idea when you are just getting started. Unless you have so much to spend then go buy the pre-owned equipment but if you just have enough, go to the most reliable and brand new coffee equipment. In this case, you have the utmost guarantee that it will not fail you for quite some time.

Brewing coffee with the right coffee machines will give your customers the best brew they could ever taste. It is in the method of preparation that will give you an edge from your competitors. Making coffee with the highest quality would make wonders because people love to receive quality products for what they’ve paid for. You might be able to sell more cups of coffee to the same person if they are satisfied with the value of the money they paid. Coffee is one of the products that you don’t have to convince people to buy. All you have to do is to make the best quality coffee there is and you’ll be surprised people will line up in queue to get another taste of it. Choosing the cream of the crop coffee maker will generate a valuable future income and your success rate.

05 January 2011

Coffee Drinkers area

It is a fact that the number of coffee drinkers won’t dwindle any time soon thus the number of coffee makers being sold have increased. It’s not hard to find coffee machines, what’s difficult is the type of equipment that suits best for your needs. In fact it is not hard to sell coffee at all but what is hard is how to produce a quality and best tasting coffee. This has to do with the coffee equipment you have and the right ingredients. It would take some time to perfectly make a unique coffee that customers would want to have when they are in a different place. The rise in the numbers of coffee drinkers was attributed from the vast research and the ever growing health benefits of coffee in our body. However, everything has its own drawbacks if you consume a big amount of coffee.

It would be very unusual if you won’t be able to see coffee machines in any establishments nowadays. In fact, you might be able find multiple models of coffee makers in a certain office. It’s been compiling to take a sip and enjoy the taste of coffee especially early in the morning. A lot have confessed that coffee is what gets them going in the day and to some it is impossible without a coffee. This is especially when your body are already used to consuming coffee regularly because the caffeine in it has a stimulating effect. And there have been several results from scientific research regarding the health benefit from the consumption of coffee. The question lies on how much coffee we should only consume in a day. But it has something to do also the way you have prepared it with your coffee equipment.

04 January 2011

Resilient Little Critters

These resilient little critters are sometimes hard to get rid of but if you know the right way to kill them it’s just so easy to eradicate them. Though there are tendency for them to come back but knowing how they live will give you the most benefit. You don’t have to choke yourself with poisonous pesticides if simple and safe way of killing them is readily available. Bed bugs are easily affected by extreme temperatures but it is much easier to kill them and eradicate their eggs with high temperatures as to stop the cycle.

Using a steam vapor in cleaning the areas where you suspected an infestation is by far the safest and easy way. Wash the linens, beddings and covers using the hottest possible water. Simple vacuuming can help and also beneficial in preventing infestation.  If that is not enough then you can try some natural and organic mixture which is readily available in the market.

03 January 2011

The Situation of Philippine Movie/TV Industry

My wife was watching the TV series "Alyna" in TFC when I pass by and I stop when I noticed that the scene was medical situation. It portrayed a scenario of the two casts who went into cardiac arrest inside the hospital. One is an adult and the other one is an infant. Every time there's a situation like this I'm always focused on the stuff that they do most especially when it comes to Philippine movie industry because they keep on advocating for a good film that has good morale and education in it.
Going back to the scenario, when the man goes into cardiac arrest a nurse and a doctor performed a CPR with so many mistakes in the procedure that was shown. The doctor only do three (3) chest compression after the nurse bagged him 2 times. I let the whole scenario end, to give the benefit of the doubt but it is all the same all throughout. Second, they perform CPR on the mattress bed without a cardiac board. Third, since when the nurses can call the time of death when a physician is present? Fourth, I thought the nurse who bagged the patient can escape my scrutiny. It already went well for him until I noticed that he did not use proper and adequate seal on the mouthpiece. He just merely putting it around the mouth and nose of the patient and squeeze.
Lastly, to the infant. I cannot clearly see what they are doing since it was partially blocked by the crib and only the cardiac monitor is visible. And I thought they have made a good research about it when the alarm sounds for a flatline (asystole) but then because of my curiosity... I was looking for something they have used for the beeping sound and I was almost convinced that it was real when I suddenly noticed something at the right upper corner of the monitor "check connections". That made me laugh and for I thought they are improvement already when they are running a scenario like this.
For so many years already and TV station have been modernized to the latest innovation but what crashed them is their capability to make a research, it is very poor. Sad to say that the industry is still far of becoming an international caliber as many of them claimed it to be. It may be just a small aspect of the entire program but it is one of the most critical scenario that they should have made an extensive research.
Why keep on advocating about having educational film if what's being depicted has tons of mistakes and showing the wrong procedures.