03 January 2011

The Situation of Philippine Movie/TV Industry

My wife was watching the TV series "Alyna" in TFC when I pass by and I stop when I noticed that the scene was medical situation. It portrayed a scenario of the two casts who went into cardiac arrest inside the hospital. One is an adult and the other one is an infant. Every time there's a situation like this I'm always focused on the stuff that they do most especially when it comes to Philippine movie industry because they keep on advocating for a good film that has good morale and education in it.
Going back to the scenario, when the man goes into cardiac arrest a nurse and a doctor performed a CPR with so many mistakes in the procedure that was shown. The doctor only do three (3) chest compression after the nurse bagged him 2 times. I let the whole scenario end, to give the benefit of the doubt but it is all the same all throughout. Second, they perform CPR on the mattress bed without a cardiac board. Third, since when the nurses can call the time of death when a physician is present? Fourth, I thought the nurse who bagged the patient can escape my scrutiny. It already went well for him until I noticed that he did not use proper and adequate seal on the mouthpiece. He just merely putting it around the mouth and nose of the patient and squeeze.
Lastly, to the infant. I cannot clearly see what they are doing since it was partially blocked by the crib and only the cardiac monitor is visible. And I thought they have made a good research about it when the alarm sounds for a flatline (asystole) but then because of my curiosity... I was looking for something they have used for the beeping sound and I was almost convinced that it was real when I suddenly noticed something at the right upper corner of the monitor "check connections". That made me laugh and for I thought they are improvement already when they are running a scenario like this.
For so many years already and TV station have been modernized to the latest innovation but what crashed them is their capability to make a research, it is very poor. Sad to say that the industry is still far of becoming an international caliber as many of them claimed it to be. It may be just a small aspect of the entire program but it is one of the most critical scenario that they should have made an extensive research.
Why keep on advocating about having educational film if what's being depicted has tons of mistakes and showing the wrong procedures.

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