30 December 2010

Breaking the glass ceiling

Advancement in the corporate ladder of women often times faced a road block compared to their male counterparts. The corporate world may be progressive in many ways yet it needs to catch up with gender favoritism or should I say glass ceiling. Women are almost nowhere to be found in any executive offices even though both men and women are in equal numbers in the labor force but the top management posts is the stronghold of men.

Women, until now, are still struggling to break the glass ceiling in spite of the existing equal employment opportunity law. And many employers didn’t pay much attention to it thereby, limiting the upward advancement of women and this holds true in almost all countries. Women have made great pace but not quite broken through it yet. And if they are able to surpass that hurdle, they still feel like they are outsiders. It is so evident in the statistics and the data shows less than 10 percent of women are holding the top management positions. Although it is now slowly catching up but the disparity in gender gap is still pervasive and the glass ceiling may not be shattered any moment from now, but there are many holes in it than before.

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