02 December 2010

2022 World Cup Announcement

Earlier today, it sets back in my mind about a significant event that will happen and I’m sure a lot are following about this one, most especially to the football aficionados. And two or three countries will be celebrating and I am not just talking of celebration but lavish celebration is what I meant. Today is the 2018 and 2022 World Cup announcement for the winners of the hosting rights and what caught my attention is one of the bidding nations for 2022 is a tiny nation in the Arabian Peninsula which is Qatar. I would say that this is another David and Goliath bout were the former always win in the fight. Qatar has slain the likes of Uncle Sam, the land down under, the samurais and the taekwondo masters. I think Qatar World Cup bid deserves to get the rights to hold the most prestigious and the biggest single sport event. History was made as World Cup heads to the Middle East.

I always make a comparison of Qatar map as the appendix of human body. If you look at it, it just protrudes from Saudi Arabia just like our appendix. Despite being a tiny nation with, I believe, less than 1.5 million population, the people itself has big hearts for the love of football. I think it’s time for Qatar to shine after they lost in their bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. Qatar will be building state of the art stadiums and that is air-conditioned stadiums considering that the World Cup games will be held on June and July which will be the peak of summer. Temperatures may soar to 110 – 115 degrees F but that doesn't deter Qatar to make an ambitious plan for the benefit of the whole state, which I believe they utterly deserve to host the 2022 World Cup

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