14 December 2010

Advertising with Adgitize

There's so many things in my mind but nothing transpire into words to write down except this gibberish post right now. I wanted to write something about why people give up blogging before they are able to produce their first penny. Many have thought also that it's a quick, fast and easy money scheme out there and before they knew it, they start to get bored and eventually left. Most experts believe that a certain blog needs to be up and running for at least three to six months before you will be able to see results or perhaps just an improvement from where you start. Monetizing your blog/s take some time to roll, you need to juice it up, gain page ranking and build your reputation.

Visitors or traffic is one great important thing that we should understand and mastering them is not that easy but not hard as well. Building backlinks is another thing and having merely a visitor is not enough. Getting them back to your site is another story that is quite very important. Getting expose to the blogosphere is in fact necessary if you need to get as many traffic as you want. Building an online reputation and credibility are as significant as the others I've mentioned and this will generate loyal followers in the end.
Advertising your blog is another thing and recently I found a great blog advertising that will give you the much needed traffic especially if you have just started or if you want to see changes in your Alexa rankings and or perhaps your Page Rank. As for my experience, it brought down my Alexa rank from millions to just above 500 thousand and it's still rolling down in the coming weeks. It also tremendously brought down the Alexa ranking in my other blog and the good thing is, it starts to have a Page Rank already and no longer N/A.

Now, I made something worthwhile already (I think and I suppose). Do you? Join Adgitize now and start seeing the fruit of your blogging labor.

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