26 December 2010

Early Bird...

A new online payment processing service is in the verge of opening any time soon and the same with other new comers there’s always freebies and giveaways to be given. One is if you sign up now as an early bird you will get a bonus of $25 straight into your account. It is free to sign up so there’s no harm in trying, in fact, you’ll get $10 more if you refer someone to join and that is per person you brought to sign up. Yet it does not end right there.

As they prepare to launch this payment processor, they are going to add up to $20 more to your account by simply doing the simplest task you can. Every time you participate in the site’s activity you’ll get a corresponding bonus for that and the more you participate the better is your earning would be. These are just some of what you get if you sign up now and become and early bird user. And you could have a descent amount of earnings already by the time the new online money processor will launch.

So, do you know already what I am talking about? I’m sure it’s not that hard to guess and I know that you’re going to tell me that it is PayBox.me. Sign up now so you can enjoy the benefits of becoming an early bird.


  1. I did Sir Rob 2 months ago. I hope this January we can enjoy the entrire benefits of Paybox. I can't way to transfer my earnings. LOL

  2. is this legit? i am a member but rarely visiting my account.

  3. I second Mona's query. Any updates on this one, Sir Rob? :)

  4. @Mona & teecup: At this time I cannot guarantee legitimacy but at this point also they are aggressively preparing and updating to open for online transactions yet so they can start temporarily opening the box while still waiting for members to reach at least 2 millions.

    You can check directly in the site for it is openly published there.

    Sign up now while early bird bonus still up and you will help reach the number of members fast.