09 December 2010

Adgitize first payment

It's been awhile sine I joined and started with Adgitize but it was just recently that I started advertising with them and it's not a disappointing first month. I have shown below my Adgitize first payment for the month of November and I don't have any plans of not to continue advertising in the site. Check out below for the proof of payment that I have received from Adgitize.
If you want to join Adgitize and further monetize your blog then why not sign up now. I paid $14 for my 1 month ads and I not only get what I have invested but I have something extra as well.  Sign up here if you want to join and you must join now and see the results of what you have invested. Or you can click on the above banner. Not only that you'll get what you have invested but the greatest thing is you'll going to increase the traffic in your blog. And you know what traffic means in a blog. It also has the potential to increase your Page Rank and your Alexa ranking. 

Take a look again of my Adgitize first payment so you won't have any doubt.


  1. congrats =) anyway you are asking about paypal right? I used unionbank (eon account) so you can view your transaction online. Paypal fees when you withdraw 50 pesos below 7,000 and no charge above 7,000. Never try other bank, hope i help you somehow.

  2. Congratulations on your first payment. And thanks for watching Fireproof and sharing your thoughts about it in my blog.

    You asked about ex-link. I could add your blog bealifesaver to one of my blogs' blog roll. I actually like that blog, it's got lots of helpful information. This one is also doing well. Would it be all right if I add it to my Stay at Home Blessings blog?