22 November 2013

Blue Bloods

When I like a certain TV series, I will finish more than four episodes at a single chance of my free time. I have mentioned “chance” in that sentence because we don’t have the luxury to fight with the three-year old toddler as he owns the TV when he is awake and in the house. Not that we tolerate him watching TV all the time but it is because that is his chance to be still at one place in the house. And if you don’t know his time when he is not watching TV then it is like you are watching a track and field tournament. He is like racing with Usain Bolt.

So before the European football season resumes tomorrow, I already had the luxury to finish several episodes of one of my favorite TV series Blue Bloods so I can catch up in the fourth season. Three weeks back, I did finally found a good link with clear online streaming reception and also did a marathon viewing of it during the first leg of the last World Cup qualifying matches.
Anyway, I was hooked up with Blue Bloods as it is not just concentrated being a police procedural drama but also it depicts the life and the decisions they must make in and outside the law enforcement. What’s more interesting is the way they portray how they able to separate their own emotional family feelings from their line of work. They must be fair in making their decision without jeopardizing their support from their family. In fact in so many instances, I found it very hard to decide on what needs to be done when caught in a dilemma. That it is not only being fair for everyone but it also must not violate the law that they are enforcing especially being a Police Commissioner at the same time a father to his two sons who are under him at NYPD.

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19 November 2013

The TV Series Obsession

When the TV series Dexter was officially announced its last season, I kind of started to look for another show that I can watch without boring myself. Just like the obsession I got from the TV series Dexter. Although I’ve been watching already NCIS before but it wasn’t like it now that I’ve been following every episode there is. In fact, when I was hooked up in NCIS, I watched it all over from the very beginning of the first season until I finally catch up with the latest one. And it was in the latter part when I learned that NCIS was voted America’s favorite TV show and I believe it all started in season 7.
So the latest TV show that I have followed then was Blue Bloods, it is a police procedural drama series that revolves around the Reagan family of police officers. The setting is the NYPD. The same with NCIS, I have seen some of its episode before but since I am a diehard Dexter and CSI follower it was in the last picking of my choices. The only difference is that, I have seen only a few series of it. And it was before the very last season of Dexter when I just so happen to see one episode of Blue Bloods when I started to like it. It was also the start of another TV series obsession that I really searched for it so I can start from the beginning of the show.

And it was during the international break in football that I will be able to focus on watching them as I have to joggle the football season matches, which is every weekend and midweek for the Champions League and league tournaments a well, and in keeping an eye on a very active toddler. We are just so lucky this time that he already went to school that during the morning of weekdays, the house is free of a child who sprints all the time as if he don’t know how to walk. So if you have a free time, watch Blue Bloods and let me know if you won’t be hooked up with it.

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06 November 2013

A Woman's Wardrobe Staple

Women love to glam up and have fun with their clothes. However, you can see most of them donning on a pants and shirt ensemble when walking on the street on a normal day. The evolution of fashion is indeed amazing. From Renaissance women wearing long ball gowns, women of this generation have become more relaxed when opting what to wear. Before, wearing shorts or trousers is a big no-no for women. Now, this is most definitely not the case.

Yet, women still come back to classic fashion when it comes to attending formal events. It is very rare that you would see a lady wearing trousers when attending a wedding or a prom or homecoming. Regardless of the changes the fashion industry has experienced, one thing will never change-- a dress will forever be a woman's best companion.

At one point or another, every woman will have the chance to wear a formal dress in her life. When you were in high school, you most have certainly stressed yourself out choosing the perfect dress from all the prom dress available in the market. When your best friend got married, you have surely experienced browsing through various choices of cheap bridesmaid dresses. When you become older, the evening dresses 2013 could be one of the choices for the formal, holiday and office parties that you would have to attend.

Let's face it, a woman's wardrobe will never be complete without any formal dress in it. These days, you will see formal dresses that come in different styles, figure, fabric or color. Trends come and go. However, you will realize that some classic styles of dresses still remain. These pieces will never go out of style and will forever be stylish. If you will have to buy a formal dress, then it is highly recommended that you opt for these timeless pieces.

Just recently, my wife has decided to start her own online store. She sells various clothes like shirts, shorts and various dresses. I think it might be appropriate to say something about adding the above mentioned dresses to her line of stocks in her online store. What do you think? If you wish to know more about her online store and products, just check her Facebook page and see what’s the latest in fashionable wear.