19 November 2013

The TV Series Obsession

When the TV series Dexter was officially announced its last season, I kind of started to look for another show that I can watch without boring myself. Just like the obsession I got from the TV series Dexter. Although I’ve been watching already NCIS before but it wasn’t like it now that I’ve been following every episode there is. In fact, when I was hooked up in NCIS, I watched it all over from the very beginning of the first season until I finally catch up with the latest one. And it was in the latter part when I learned that NCIS was voted America’s favorite TV show and I believe it all started in season 7.
So the latest TV show that I have followed then was Blue Bloods, it is a police procedural drama series that revolves around the Reagan family of police officers. The setting is the NYPD. The same with NCIS, I have seen some of its episode before but since I am a diehard Dexter and CSI follower it was in the last picking of my choices. The only difference is that, I have seen only a few series of it. And it was before the very last season of Dexter when I just so happen to see one episode of Blue Bloods when I started to like it. It was also the start of another TV series obsession that I really searched for it so I can start from the beginning of the show.

And it was during the international break in football that I will be able to focus on watching them as I have to joggle the football season matches, which is every weekend and midweek for the Champions League and league tournaments a well, and in keeping an eye on a very active toddler. We are just so lucky this time that he already went to school that during the morning of weekdays, the house is free of a child who sprints all the time as if he don’t know how to walk. So if you have a free time, watch Blue Bloods and let me know if you won’t be hooked up with it.

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