28 October 2011

Angry Birds cross over Mario

I've been deeply involve in playing Angry Birds that when I am not contented with the free version at Google Chrome I bought the online version of Angry Birds Rio. And that didn't take long before I finished the whole stage then it became the theme of my son's first birthday also.

Then a few days ago, I accidentally pass by a video about Angry Birds who cross over to Mario. That made me curious and I was tempted and I did check it out. See it yourself in the video below. I think it is pretty hilarious and the birds just ain't giving it up that easy.

27 October 2011

Preparing the Christmas Tree

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Our little boy is so eager to help in preparing the Christmas tree. While Set's mum has nothing to do except clicking a snapshot of us instead of helping. lol

Our incomplete 2011 Christmas Tree.

24 October 2011

We Can Learn More from Animals

Two days ago I posted a short story about the sad fate of the 2 year old girl in China who was ignored by a dozen passers-by after being hit and ran over by two vehicles. One hit and run is enough but twice is supposedly too much for the conscience of humans yet you can see it from the involve people who never help the poor little girl who probably is losing too much blood resulting from the incident. The video is a little graphic and could be too much for faint hearted.

Watch and compare…!

22 October 2011

Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind?

I was watching CNN World Report today to get more information about how Moammar Gadhafi died because the reception in my car radio last night was not good and I can’t hear it clearly of how the rebels killed him. What I know last night is that the ruler of Libya for 42 years is gone and dead but how he ends up in the cold storage is another story since there have been conflicting reports coming out.

And on my way to work today, I turn on the radio again hoping to get a glimpse again of the real story of the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi but I end up listening about the result of the World Series Game 2 with a dramatic win by the Texas Rangers. And they are heading home for the game 3 of World Series with the momentum on their bats.

Then comes the live report of the 2 year old girl, who was a hit and run victim in China has died in the hospital. Her death has torn the hearts of the hospital staff that took care of her after several people have ignored to stop to help her while lying on the street injured for several minutes. Her horrific death came from the two hit and run incident, yes two vehicles had ran over the fragile body of the toddler.
image from KobreGuide
But what really captures my attention and made me think over and over is when Jim Clancy, the CNN anchor asked if the conjoined twins from Cameroon are two separate individuals. That if they have something in common in their minds or have different thoughts after all. This led me to think about those who were fused by their heads.

Could conjoined twins share a mind? Can they hear each other’s thoughts and see through each other’s eyes? Well, that’s just my mind tinkering with my thoughts.

18 October 2011

The Prepaid Wireless Service Great Deal is Here

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How Net10 works

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08 October 2011

The Different Aura of Seth

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Last night our son and I went outside the house to water the plants and of course he’s again in his running time. Although he still has a little stuffy nose and post nasal drip but don’t have fever anymore and more so is back in his usual running form too. So does me following him wherever he goes. It took a few more falling down for him and a cry here and there before finally stopping and eventually just play with the garden hose.

This is when he gets cranky while trying to force him to eat when he was down with colds and fever.

And sometimes he will give you this kind of look. Or should I say that he is just posing for posterity sake?

Will you be angry or mad if he's going to give you this kind of smile?

Which of them is postcard perfect? I so love the first one or perhaps the last which I would say can melt your anger no matter what.

06 October 2011

Apple founder Steve Jobs dies (1955-2011)

image from wikimedia commons
If you don't know who Steve Jobs is then you might not be an Apple owner and even if you are not, you should have known him for he have revolutionized and transformed the word apple into one of the most sought computer and mobile phone technologies. The maestro behind iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes died at the age of 56 but it wasn't revealed where and what causes his death. But it has been known that in recent years he had fought a rare form of pancreatic cancer and in fact he had a liver transplant.

He has been taking a leave of absence and I believe (if I am not mistaken) for about three times already since his battle with cancer started. Then last August he stepped down as Apple's CEO, handed it over to his hand-picked successor Tim Cook, the long time operations chief.

Apple's technology has been known for its minimalist design yet had a very influential character in the world of personal computing and mobile phone as we know it today. And perhaps, the most notable one is when the iPod was launched in the early 2000 that you can see everywhere and the thumb-dial control contraption seemed to be prominent than a wristwatch.

04 October 2011

Dexter Season 6 is Back with Unexpected Twist

One of my favorite TV series is back for a sixth season with a startling twist, as if there isn’t any in the past seasons, but this time as I read in many articles and reviews, somewhat a whole lot different from the rest. So if you are Dexter lover and follower then this should be a season for you not to miss. And I think it’s been a year since the shocking and heartbreaking aftermath in the last season from the loss of his wife which I never expected such twists.

This time the Miami Metro blood spatter forensic is back in Dexter Season 6 to become religious. Does Dexter finally see the light? And eventually succumbed to the pressure of having a son and what trait he can pass on to his son? Will he not be back in his serial-killing ways?

image from Showtime wallpapers
This alone is already quite interesting and for sure a mind boggling season again but this one is a different story that hasn’t been explored yet. But the photo ad on the right says it all, how much more with the tag line “The Avenging Angel Returns”. And the serial killer who religiously follows a moral code is the only reason why I like this TV series. And I also like what Sgt. Batista said to Dexter when he asked of how we know if there really is a God.

And of course, Dexter won’t be complete without a love interest on his side. So that’s another thing to expect in season 6 and find out who is this attractive sister of… that’s for you to find out.

01 October 2011

Real Money Online

This is my entry to the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 20. This week’s prize is $10 from Swexie of Khakiness.

In the past few days it seems the day came by so slow and it seems the month was very long and hard to come to its end. Not that I am in a hurry, though I am, somehow in a way that I expect something to happen. And it did…!

Anyway, I have been longing to upgrade my PNS and every time when I am about to, it keeps getting on hold for various reasons that are far more important than my own. No regrets that it did not happen any sooner, in fact grateful, probably it has to come by in the right time when it is needed the most. So the baby is now a reality… Isn't that sweet...!

But before that, let me tell you something as a continuation of “Better (Almost) Late Than Never”. I got an assignment to write in my medical/health and safety blog from SponsoredReviews earlier this month that has to be completed and submitted after 7 days. I finished it in less than 2 days despite the many obligations at hand but it didn't go as smoothly as I expect it and that every time I had this kind of assignment there seems to be a snag that would happen.

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I have followed all the required elements and requirements that the vendor asked. In fact, I made a second article for the same purpose just to make sure and trying to find where I went wrong but still it remains the same. Every time I submit it, there’s always an error that the links cannot be found. The brainstorming last until a day before D-Day when I thought that would be it and there’s nothing much I can do and I have already exhausted what I know.

But then an email came from my blog host that there was a transfer of server that occur within the time frame when I have submitted my assigned task. This probably the reason why my submission wasn’t captured in my clients system and it bounced back an error. I became so nervous already when D-Day came and I still don’t have any assurance from my web host that it is back to normal already yet I am very much grateful for the honesty she have shown. Although it would be a loss of monetary value and confidence towards the client if I wouldn’t make it but honesty to me just carries too much weight to be ignored.

At the end of the day and in the last minute, I tried submitting it for the last time that took for awhile to give a response but it did somehow. Voila…! It’s been accepted and I’m done with it in a better almost late than never fashion.

And ooh by the way, I was paid by SponsoredReviews after six (6) days.