08 October 2011

The Different Aura of Seth

This is my entry to the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 19. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Ruby of Postcard Enthusiast.

Last night our son and I went outside the house to water the plants and of course he’s again in his running time. Although he still has a little stuffy nose and post nasal drip but don’t have fever anymore and more so is back in his usual running form too. So does me following him wherever he goes. It took a few more falling down for him and a cry here and there before finally stopping and eventually just play with the garden hose.

This is when he gets cranky while trying to force him to eat when he was down with colds and fever.

And sometimes he will give you this kind of look. Or should I say that he is just posing for posterity sake?

Will you be angry or mad if he's going to give you this kind of smile?

Which of them is postcard perfect? I so love the first one or perhaps the last which I would say can melt your anger no matter what.


  1. ang cute at ang laki na mo na pala kuya seth....

    be a good boy ok? hehe

  2. ayy.. ang cute... maganda pa ang placement ng pics kasi from nakasimangot to nakangiti... hehe...

    anyway, good luck and thanks for joining in the week 19 of the giveaways. sorry for the delayed visit. happy weekend!