01 October 2011

Real Money Online

This is my entry to the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 20. This week’s prize is $10 from Swexie of Khakiness.

In the past few days it seems the day came by so slow and it seems the month was very long and hard to come to its end. Not that I am in a hurry, though I am, somehow in a way that I expect something to happen. And it did…!

Anyway, I have been longing to upgrade my PNS and every time when I am about to, it keeps getting on hold for various reasons that are far more important than my own. No regrets that it did not happen any sooner, in fact grateful, probably it has to come by in the right time when it is needed the most. So the baby is now a reality… Isn't that sweet...!

But before that, let me tell you something as a continuation of “Better (Almost) Late Than Never”. I got an assignment to write in my medical/health and safety blog from SponsoredReviews earlier this month that has to be completed and submitted after 7 days. I finished it in less than 2 days despite the many obligations at hand but it didn't go as smoothly as I expect it and that every time I had this kind of assignment there seems to be a snag that would happen.

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I have followed all the required elements and requirements that the vendor asked. In fact, I made a second article for the same purpose just to make sure and trying to find where I went wrong but still it remains the same. Every time I submit it, there’s always an error that the links cannot be found. The brainstorming last until a day before D-Day when I thought that would be it and there’s nothing much I can do and I have already exhausted what I know.

But then an email came from my blog host that there was a transfer of server that occur within the time frame when I have submitted my assigned task. This probably the reason why my submission wasn’t captured in my clients system and it bounced back an error. I became so nervous already when D-Day came and I still don’t have any assurance from my web host that it is back to normal already yet I am very much grateful for the honesty she have shown. Although it would be a loss of monetary value and confidence towards the client if I wouldn’t make it but honesty to me just carries too much weight to be ignored.

At the end of the day and in the last minute, I tried submitting it for the last time that took for awhile to give a response but it did somehow. Voila…! It’s been accepted and I’m done with it in a better almost late than never fashion.

And ooh by the way, I was paid by SponsoredReviews after six (6) days.


  1. Hi Sir Rob!

    Congratulations for beating the clock with your paid opp!

    I'm doing a quick survey on how much writers are paid to write an average 500-word blog post, article or sponsored review.

    I thought you'd be an ideal participant for my poll. Don't worry, you can stay anonymous.

    Hop on in and please join my Poll on Article Writing Rates

    Cheers and thank you ahead!

  2. thank you for joining!

    i have never received tasks in sponsored reviews, and too bad 'cause even if i'm getting opportunities, my bid never gets approved. haha!

    good luck! =)

  3. oh it's too bad just in case it didn't get approved but good for you because your host got it sorted out before the advertisers decline your task. more moolah, huh? hehehe. congrats.

    anyway, thanks for joining in the week 20 of the giveaways borris. good luck and regards!