22 July 2013

Interesting 2013 European Football Season

The world of football in the coming season is quite complicated already and probably is no longer monopolized by the great Blaugranas as German clubs asserted their dominance in the Champions League Finals. And I’m sure many expect Bayern Munich to defend their treble when the season starts and I have little doubts, as of the moment, that they can’t knowing that Guardiola is on their bench and the team is still intact.

While the status of Barcelona, on the other hand, is quite intriguing and interesting to keep an eye on them. That I have said, because even they had captured Neymar, they also lost several key players like Thiago and David Villa but what’s more devastating is when Tito Vilanova resigned due to health reason. Another thing to watch very closely is the Messi and Neymar tandem if they’re going to play alongside.

Although I am a huge Real Madrid fan but I am not sure of their chances this season even if they have acquired some key players and that remains to be seen. Another equally interesting club to watch is Monaco as they have assembled an armory of talented footballers that surely will compete with the top side of League 1. And across the Atlantic, two teams has intrigue me so well so I will keep a close watch of both Man City and Chelsea as they bolstered their own team as well.

With that, it is indeed interesting to watch the 2013 European football season.

NB: Image from wikipedia.

19 July 2013

The 2013 European Football Season

August is fast approaching and in fact, we are already in the last week of July. So for all the football fans out there it only means one thing. The 2013 European football season is almost around the corner. And every club out there has strengthened their squads by acquiring the services of great football players around the globe during the summer transfer window. As of the moment many clubs got what they wanted and many known players will be playing under different jersey when the 2013 season will kick off mid of August.

Although there are lots of surprises as to what club players went after the recently concluded season but intriguing stories came out as well to coaches of big clubs in Spain, France, Germany and UK. It all started with Guardiola moving to Bayern Munich early this year then Jose Mou’s rumored homecoming to Chelsea has been materialized. And Ligue 1 champions (PSG) lost their coach after the season and was released to Real Madrid while ManU has a new coach after Sir Alex Ferguson resigned after capturing United’s 20th Premier League championship.

More to it and just very recently, Tito Vilanova, Barca’s manager, announced his resignation before the season even started because of health reason. I’m not sure how critical it was for Barcelona’s already troubled games especially when they are dismantled by the Bavarians in the Champions League semi-finals. Not to mention that they are also beaten twice by arch rival Real Madrid in just a span of 5 days and their 2013 season is quite interesting to follow and that also includes Monaco in the Ligue 1.

NB: Image from wikipedia

17 July 2013

I Just Did a Jenson

That’s what Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton said after the second race of the 2013 season. And this post should have been made late last March after the Malaysian Grand Prix but I forgot to write about it so here it is now.

After spending five successful years in McLaren, Hamilton joined Mercedes for the 2013 season and after just two races, he immediately made a blunder that caused many to smile. During one of his pit stop in the Malaysian Grand Prix, he made a mistake when he pulled at a wrong pit box. That alone is already quite funny to think but could be a reasonable mistake as it was only his second race of the season after transferring from a different team.

Lewis came to a halt at the pit box of McLaren, his former team, for a tire change and he eventually drove further when he probably realized that his crew is not helping him and was signaled to move through. And I think it was only then that he noticed that he was at the pit box of McLaren and not Mercedes. No one could blame him for the mistake as he has been stopping there for several years. Then at the interview after the race, he said, I just did a Jenson. He was referring to Jenson Button who made a similar error in the past.

NB: Image from wikipedia.