15 November 2012

Strange and Ironic Again

As I mentioned in my previous post “The Strange and Irony of 2012 Season” in tennis, here’s another strange yet very interesting happening as each of the top four players become grand slam winners. It means that each player only have one grand slam title under them in this season. No one was able to dominate each other to take home more than one silverware. What is more strange and interesting to know is the fact that each of them (the top four players) never played quite well after winning their particular Grand Slam.
image from wikimedia commons

Take a look at this, Djokovic was superb at the Australian Open and seems so flawless whoever was at the opposite side of the net but wasn’t able to duplicate such performance in the French Open. Being the king of clay, Nadal proved it once again that clay is his turf and he eventually made records in the history books when he captured his seventh French Open title. And the same thing with Nole, Nadal showed a very lackluster showing at the grass court of Wimbledon as he was heading for an early exit and only reached round two. Then it eventually made him miss out the games for the rest of the season.

It leaves to the hands of Federer and Murray to slug it out but the former showed a youthful performance in his favorite court and snatched the Wimbledon from Murray after losing the first set. More to it that the maestro is almost 31 years old but he only managed to reach the quarterfinals at the US Open. That was eventually won by Murray en route to his first ever Grand Slam title and many believe, at that time, that he has played great tennis going to the indoor hardcourt season. But eventually lost to the maestro in the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals then predicted that Federer will lose in the finals as well. Since 2003, there haven’t had four different Grand Slam champions.

13 November 2012

Making Things Differently with your Photos

As I am trying to learn and practice how to take pictures using DSLR, there are several factors that hinders my skills (that if I have one also) to move forward in capturing what I would say a stunning snapshots. I have added several gadgets already like my 2-month old 50mm 1.8 prime lens but I am the type of person who loves to capture what nature can offer so a very good wide angle lens is a must for me. The kit lens (18-55mm) that I have isn’t enough and I am not satisfied with the results that I got during our trip in Palawan especially those in El Nido. 

And while I am still trying to save for the lens that I want, I slowly read online tutorials, watch videos given by a friend who at the same time giving me tips in photography then tried to apply all of them by practicing constantly. Since I have enough time to browse the internet, I run across a website that offers personalization of your own photos. Snaptoshop is the name of the company. Snaptoshop UAE and snaptoshop Jordan are the main branches who simply turn your most treasured captions into gorgeous quality prints and canvas. 

You name it and they all have what you are looking and needed for your photos. You can create photo book, add effects and online photo printing so you’ll have a personalized wall d├ęcor. One promising offer that they have is they will deliver your customized items to your doorstep wherever you live since they have a snaptoshop worldwide service located at the heart of Dubai.

11 November 2012

The Strange and Irony of 2012 Season

The tennis world is very quite at this moment and there seems nothing big to write as well since the last Grand Slam of the year is finished except for the ongoing ATP World Tour Finals. And Andy Murray has finally put to an end for Britain’s long wait of 76 years before having another grand slam winner. I am not making this post to reminisce that event since I am not a big fan of him because I still want the maestro to extend his 17 grand slam titles. Although right now it is quite slim because of his age and also there are plenty of very competitive and much younger players. 

I was making this post because I bumped in one of the tennis column several months ago and it was only this time that I have the chance to write on it. This year, unlike the previous year, the top four players has own each of the four grand slams and no one dominates each other. They have their own fair share of superiority and mediocrity. And I never expected Federer to come back on top of the rankings considering how Djokovic and Nadal played last year. 

What is very strange and ironic in this year’s grand slam winners is the manner of how the four of them won it. We all know that when the 2012 season has started, it was Djokovic who occupies the top spot coming from a very impressive 2011 season. He is followed by Rafa then the Maestro and finally Andy Murray. And so here’s the catch, if you look at the winners of each grand slam, you will notice that they won it according to their rankings when the season started. Take a look at it below. 

1. Australian Open – Djokovic 

2. French Open – Nadal 

3. Wimbledon – Federer 

4. US Open – Murray 

Did you notice it before I pointed it out here? And you think the strange things just stop right there? There’s more to come in my next post and it is also related to this one.

10 November 2012

An Avenue to Share your Thoughts

How updated are you about the current trends? How much do you know about the latest events around the globe? I've known people who says that the lesser you know, the lesser your life gets complicated. For sometime, I agreed on that but being oblivious and passive about the things happening around us is also a crime. What I mean to say is, we can express what we think about an issue in a constructive manner to become part of the solution rather than choosing to be the other way around. 

Are you on a dilemma of having no sensible friend to talk to? Are you looking for a place where to join the respectful conversation? Then perhaps Einstein Advice is the site for you. In this venue, the trending topics of the day will be summarized, discussed and analyzed through the ideas or wisdom of famous historical individual. It is not necessarily about politics, as a matter of fact, that is the least intention of any forum but significant news of any topic will be subjected to thorough analysis for the purpose of growth and learning. 

So if you have lots of things in mind that you want to share to the world, this is the venue you should frequently visit. Today’s issues.. yesterday’s wisdom: so go now and share your thoughts!

08 November 2012

The Odd Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

I was watching one of my favorite TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, today and since I wasn't able to start from the beginning of the episode, I was lost whether it was a new season or not. This is not the first time that I had this weird feeling about how Grey’s Anatomy went on from the last time I watched it. I must admit that it’s really been a long while since the last time I have seen an episode. If I remember it right, the last episode that I've watched was when Izzie came back in the show in season six. I don’t know what happened since then as I become active in blogging and was busy watching other TV series that I am also hooked up.
The first time that I felt that there’s something different going on in Grey’s Anatomy was last month when I accidentally saw an episode while switching channels back and forth and they are singing. And I thought that maybe it is a new image of Grey’s Anatomy that they turn out to become a musical medical drama series. Though it didn't yet I just found the episode very odd. 

And the episode that I've seen today was totally different because of the several characters that I've noticed. There was the mother of Meredith  Lexie became an addict which was brought by Sloan in the ER who had a cardiac arrest and Dr. Hunt and Callie have three kids (perhaps they’re married too) while Dr. Avery don’t recognized Sloan that he is a doctor then Meredith and McDreamy isn't married too. I know that it wasn't a very old season knowing that Dr. Avery was introduced in season six and I religiously followed every season before that. What really caught my attention is the introduction of Meredith’s mother because it’s a fact the she already died in season three of cardiac arrest. 

Well, there’s only one thing that could surely erase this confusion and that is to start watching Grey’s Anatomy again. How I wish I have that much time to do everything.

Image from wikimedia commons.

06 November 2012

The Seventh Season of Dexter

The presence of modern technology especially the internet has made the life of people easy because most of the transactions are done online already. Even gift ideas are a lot easier to find now than before. All you have to do is to search it on the web and you’ll find so much out there to choose. There are so many things already that the internet can do to people, like watching a report of recent events on ABC News or watch your favorite TV series.

And speaking of TV series, it was only yesterday that I started watching the new season of Dexter. I know what you’re thinking and NO, not the cartoon character but Dexter Morgan, the Miami Metro blood spatter analyst. I must admit that the show is really quite violent and full of blood since he moonlights as a serial killer. But he is not an ordinary killer as he lives or should I say, “kills” by “The Code” that he religiously follow. He only targets those who are undeniably guilty who kills without justifiable cause and that off course, he has undeniable proof of the killer’s guilt. 

So the show isn’t for the faint hearted one. I was just hooked up when I first started watching it but don’t get me wrong either because I am not the violent type of person. I am just curious of the plot of each season considering that whoever will know Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” will end up dead. And I am also curious of how he’s going to cover his tracks after he eliminate the person who knows his dark secrets. Then what’s more interesting is the season finale of season six because Debra caught him on the act when he kills Travis. And we all know what will happen to those who’ll know his dark secrets. 

So far, there have been six episodes being aired already and I have watched three of them yet. So let’s watch the seventh season of Dexter in online streaming, I have a free site that has clear copies.

Image from wikimedia commons.

05 November 2012

More Home Improvement and Gardening

Recently while watching the latest news about the Election results of the US Presidential Polls 2012 between Obama and Romney, I noticed that my wife started making flowers again made of paper towels. She probably must be doing more of her flower decorations in her quest for more home improvement decors. While at the same time busy doing some gardening stuff in the front yard and at the back. In fact, she is now busy planting veggies just in front of our living room window. She is also planting trees just a few feet from the street gutters for sand storm protection, as she said. 

While US voters head to voting locations for the presidential election 2012, my wife will be busy in the coming days as she will be planting chili and lemon trees as well at the backyard. She is just waiting for the soil to be prepared enough before transferring the seedlings to its final planting place. And I have added animal manure already in the soil last month so it is just a matter of time when she gonna do it. For sure it will happen before the weekend and this would mean more time to water all of the plants and trees. Not to mention the ornamental plants as well and also those that’s in the planning stage still.

04 November 2012

The Air We Breathe

The global industrialization has somehow caused the air quality to drop to an alarming level in some countries that are too dependent on using fossil fuels in almost all machineries. Although nowadays the awareness of using natural gas and other means of renewable energy to at least slow down the greenhouse effect in the surface temperature is growing. Though it is just at a slower pace, yet despite of it, technology in one way or another has a profound impact also in reversing the greenhouse effect. 

And people turn and use digital technology to improve the air quality for a better and cleaner air to breathe that has affected so many. In fact, the poor air quality has caused some illness and had a negative effect in our health. It’s for that reason that many companies are investing towards manufacturing the best air cleaner there is such the likes of Tjernlund. Who is no just trying to improve the air quality but also trying to reduce the maintenance costs of the cleaning equipment. There may be tons of air cleaners out there but make sure that you get the one that meets or even exceed strict industrial standards and regulations. 

Installing air cleaners in your house will dramatically improve the way you breathe most especially to those who have lung problems. It somehow reduces breathing difficulty to a greater degree. And that will have a domino effect in many aspects that has something to do in your health particularly in the cost of your maintenance medicines. Not to mention the costs of nebulizer equipment, the medicine to use and its adjunct devices. It also helps those who are healthy in order not to succumb or acquire breathing issues. Although you must talk to experts before you go on and get your piece of equipment so that you get what’s the appropriate for your house.