11 November 2012

The Strange and Irony of 2012 Season

The tennis world is very quite at this moment and there seems nothing big to write as well since the last Grand Slam of the year is finished except for the ongoing ATP World Tour Finals. And Andy Murray has finally put to an end for Britain’s long wait of 76 years before having another grand slam winner. I am not making this post to reminisce that event since I am not a big fan of him because I still want the maestro to extend his 17 grand slam titles. Although right now it is quite slim because of his age and also there are plenty of very competitive and much younger players. 

I was making this post because I bumped in one of the tennis column several months ago and it was only this time that I have the chance to write on it. This year, unlike the previous year, the top four players has own each of the four grand slams and no one dominates each other. They have their own fair share of superiority and mediocrity. And I never expected Federer to come back on top of the rankings considering how Djokovic and Nadal played last year. 

What is very strange and ironic in this year’s grand slam winners is the manner of how the four of them won it. We all know that when the 2012 season has started, it was Djokovic who occupies the top spot coming from a very impressive 2011 season. He is followed by Rafa then the Maestro and finally Andy Murray. And so here’s the catch, if you look at the winners of each grand slam, you will notice that they won it according to their rankings when the season started. Take a look at it below. 

1. Australian Open – Djokovic 

2. French Open – Nadal 

3. Wimbledon – Federer 

4. US Open – Murray 

Did you notice it before I pointed it out here? And you think the strange things just stop right there? There’s more to come in my next post and it is also related to this one.

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