10 November 2012

An Avenue to Share your Thoughts

How updated are you about the current trends? How much do you know about the latest events around the globe? I've known people who says that the lesser you know, the lesser your life gets complicated. For sometime, I agreed on that but being oblivious and passive about the things happening around us is also a crime. What I mean to say is, we can express what we think about an issue in a constructive manner to become part of the solution rather than choosing to be the other way around. 

Are you on a dilemma of having no sensible friend to talk to? Are you looking for a place where to join the respectful conversation? Then perhaps Einstein Advice is the site for you. In this venue, the trending topics of the day will be summarized, discussed and analyzed through the ideas or wisdom of famous historical individual. It is not necessarily about politics, as a matter of fact, that is the least intention of any forum but significant news of any topic will be subjected to thorough analysis for the purpose of growth and learning. 

So if you have lots of things in mind that you want to share to the world, this is the venue you should frequently visit. Today’s issues.. yesterday’s wisdom: so go now and share your thoughts!

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