05 November 2012

More Home Improvement and Gardening

Recently while watching the latest news about the Election results of the US Presidential Polls 2012 between Obama and Romney, I noticed that my wife started making flowers again made of paper towels. She probably must be doing more of her flower decorations in her quest for more home improvement decors. While at the same time busy doing some gardening stuff in the front yard and at the back. In fact, she is now busy planting veggies just in front of our living room window. She is also planting trees just a few feet from the street gutters for sand storm protection, as she said. 

While US voters head to voting locations for the presidential election 2012, my wife will be busy in the coming days as she will be planting chili and lemon trees as well at the backyard. She is just waiting for the soil to be prepared enough before transferring the seedlings to its final planting place. And I have added animal manure already in the soil last month so it is just a matter of time when she gonna do it. For sure it will happen before the weekend and this would mean more time to water all of the plants and trees. Not to mention the ornamental plants as well and also those that’s in the planning stage still.

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