08 November 2012

The Odd Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

I was watching one of my favorite TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, today and since I wasn't able to start from the beginning of the episode, I was lost whether it was a new season or not. This is not the first time that I had this weird feeling about how Grey’s Anatomy went on from the last time I watched it. I must admit that it’s really been a long while since the last time I have seen an episode. If I remember it right, the last episode that I've watched was when Izzie came back in the show in season six. I don’t know what happened since then as I become active in blogging and was busy watching other TV series that I am also hooked up.
The first time that I felt that there’s something different going on in Grey’s Anatomy was last month when I accidentally saw an episode while switching channels back and forth and they are singing. And I thought that maybe it is a new image of Grey’s Anatomy that they turn out to become a musical medical drama series. Though it didn't yet I just found the episode very odd. 

And the episode that I've seen today was totally different because of the several characters that I've noticed. There was the mother of Meredith  Lexie became an addict which was brought by Sloan in the ER who had a cardiac arrest and Dr. Hunt and Callie have three kids (perhaps they’re married too) while Dr. Avery don’t recognized Sloan that he is a doctor then Meredith and McDreamy isn't married too. I know that it wasn't a very old season knowing that Dr. Avery was introduced in season six and I religiously followed every season before that. What really caught my attention is the introduction of Meredith’s mother because it’s a fact the she already died in season three of cardiac arrest. 

Well, there’s only one thing that could surely erase this confusion and that is to start watching Grey’s Anatomy again. How I wish I have that much time to do everything.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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