06 November 2012

The Seventh Season of Dexter

The presence of modern technology especially the internet has made the life of people easy because most of the transactions are done online already. Even gift ideas are a lot easier to find now than before. All you have to do is to search it on the web and you’ll find so much out there to choose. There are so many things already that the internet can do to people, like watching a report of recent events on ABC News or watch your favorite TV series.

And speaking of TV series, it was only yesterday that I started watching the new season of Dexter. I know what you’re thinking and NO, not the cartoon character but Dexter Morgan, the Miami Metro blood spatter analyst. I must admit that the show is really quite violent and full of blood since he moonlights as a serial killer. But he is not an ordinary killer as he lives or should I say, “kills” by “The Code” that he religiously follow. He only targets those who are undeniably guilty who kills without justifiable cause and that off course, he has undeniable proof of the killer’s guilt. 

So the show isn’t for the faint hearted one. I was just hooked up when I first started watching it but don’t get me wrong either because I am not the violent type of person. I am just curious of the plot of each season considering that whoever will know Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” will end up dead. And I am also curious of how he’s going to cover his tracks after he eliminate the person who knows his dark secrets. Then what’s more interesting is the season finale of season six because Debra caught him on the act when he kills Travis. And we all know what will happen to those who’ll know his dark secrets. 

So far, there have been six episodes being aired already and I have watched three of them yet. So let’s watch the seventh season of Dexter in online streaming, I have a free site that has clear copies.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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