13 November 2012

Making Things Differently with your Photos

As I am trying to learn and practice how to take pictures using DSLR, there are several factors that hinders my skills (that if I have one also) to move forward in capturing what I would say a stunning snapshots. I have added several gadgets already like my 2-month old 50mm 1.8 prime lens but I am the type of person who loves to capture what nature can offer so a very good wide angle lens is a must for me. The kit lens (18-55mm) that I have isn’t enough and I am not satisfied with the results that I got during our trip in Palawan especially those in El Nido. 

And while I am still trying to save for the lens that I want, I slowly read online tutorials, watch videos given by a friend who at the same time giving me tips in photography then tried to apply all of them by practicing constantly. Since I have enough time to browse the internet, I run across a website that offers personalization of your own photos. Snaptoshop is the name of the company. Snaptoshop UAE and snaptoshop Jordan are the main branches who simply turn your most treasured captions into gorgeous quality prints and canvas. 

You name it and they all have what you are looking and needed for your photos. You can create photo book, add effects and online photo printing so you’ll have a personalized wall d├ęcor. One promising offer that they have is they will deliver your customized items to your doorstep wherever you live since they have a snaptoshop worldwide service located at the heart of Dubai.

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    On topic.

    I was also in trouble when I first used my dslr. But practice makes perfect jud, but it took time for me to learn everything. Haha.