14 November 2008

Live life without regrets

WHAT if tomorrow is the last day of your life?

What would you in a mad rush do on your last few hours of earth? Would you beg forgiveness from those you have wronged? Would you say goodbye to those you love? What would you desperately want to do one last time? Hug those you love for the longest possible time? Would you bargain with God to extend your days? Would you fight your fate? Or would you accept death with dignity and grace?

What would you regret doing or not doing in your life? If there was something you always wanted to say to someone but never did, would you say it now? If there was something you always wanted to do but never did, would you do it now—on the last day of your life? Indeed, what would you scramble to do if you knew that tomorrow was the last day of your life?

What if tomorrow was the last day of your life? What would your eleventh-hour “to-do” list look like? What last words would you leave behind? How would you want to be remembered? Would you be ready to move on to the next life? And even if you did not actually believe in God, would you be ready to face Him if he were real?

excerpt from “the last day” by Melanie Lim

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13 November 2008



Another chapter has ended abruptly
And i don’t like it to happen that way.
I hold on to them,
I keep pursuing them,
Thinking it will just be fine
Cause I don’t want to loose someone for the second time.

But days passed by & years were gone
And there’s nothing I can do to change what I’ve done.
I feel the emptiness of being alone
Yet I just thought I can make it through & hang on.
I’ll wake up tomorrow knowing one thing for sure..
That there are things in life that is difficult to accept,
That great things.. have an end.

Copyright © 2005 sir rob



i once live my life with full of hope,
in a place i called home.
i stayed longer than i thought i will
never expected to last that far.

five years is long to be called forever,
one day it came into a dead end of selfishness,
everything fades in the clouds of darkness
pillars came crushing like waterfalls.

i tried to do all the right thing
but it just keeps falling apart
since then i move from one place to another
faster than a quarter of an hour.
i continue to search for a perfect butterfly
but failed to find a home anymore.

Copyright © 2005 sir rob