28 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (Part 2 - 2)

I don’t have any options left but to go home and get the birth certificate of my son. But I call the bank first regarding the incident but the response that I got from them is no use of help as well. So, I went home, took the birth certificate, drove back to the post office and show it to the post office personnel and he took a photocopy of it before giving it back to me together with the package that I wanted to collect. Then another surprise just shocked me when he asked, “What’s the name of this paper?” 

My sanity was blown away, not by Hurricane Sandy; upon hearing it and all is just crazy in this part of the world… it is the first thing that came into my mind at that moment. First, he doesn’t have any idea of the kind of document that I gave him. If I have just brought any kind of paper that has our son’s name on it then I could have gotten the package without the proper requirement. Second, how important is the birth certificate that it is irreplaceable with a passport? So if you have something in your mind then I would appreciate to hear it. Because this just drives me so crazy and could not understand it anymore knowing the fact that you need a birth certificate in order for you to secure a legal passport. More so that there’s more information in the passport in terms of legal custody considering that it contains the visa of my son yet that reason was also turn down when I told them so.

The Two Sides of the Internet

I have written it in my previous post, although in a different way, of how the internet has help in so many different ways. And it will always be so as long you are using it in the right and appropriate way but you’ll face its destructive power, like Hurricane Sandy, if being used to cause harm to others. 

On the other hand, in the world of fashion and shopping it became a part of them especially that there’s already a growing trend in the use of online stores. In fact, it is already the first priority of most people when they shop because of so many reasons. First thing is that, everything can be done by just a click of the mouse and not to mention doing it at the comfort of your own abode even while your pajamas on. Then the product that you purchased can even be delivered at your doorstep. Some companies even deliver it for FREE. 

And most of the time, many have use the internet to hunt for discount coupons to buy the products of Bob Ross or promotional deals in order to save in your finances especially that there’s still financial crisis in most part of the world. So this is indeed a big help already when the budget is tight for there are still many utility bills to pay.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Cozy Touches for a Redecorated Bathroom

Spending time in the bathroom is a necessary part of life, but it can also be productive and enjoyable, meeting more than just the obvious personal hygiene and health needs. Adding even a few nifty bathroom accessories can enhance the room's appeal and give you a cozy feel. A shower radio can provide you with the daily news, up-to-date weather reports and entertain you with music and commentaries. Replacing vanity sinks with freestanding vessel sinks can allow additional bathroom space for leg room or a magazine rack. It can also give you more room in the sink for hand washing, along with enjoying the elegant look of a non-standard bathroom fixture.

When redecorating your bathroom with cozy items such as a radio, it is important to make sure that your selection is a waterproof shower radio. Moisture and electronics do not mix well, and you could incur an injury from the electrical contact. In addition, an ordinary radio would soon malfunction, shorting out from water making contact with wires and connectors. Specially designed components coated with protective materials are available in a shower AM/FM radio. These products are easily found in many hardware or department stores. While you are shopping, you should also consider vessel porcelain sinks for your lavatory replacement to add eye-catching attention for your guests and future home buyers.

With the new cozy touches in your redecorated bathroom, it may also be time to update wallpaper or add a fresh coat of complementary wall paint. Be sure to maximize your efforts for the best effect.

27 October 2012

The Legal Battle of the Internet

I would say that it is a lot easier nowadays to look for gift ideas comparing to the days where the internet is still a baby. There are tons of information and DIY ideas on what kind of gift that you should give to someone that will surely be appreciated. But for me, it is always nice to receive a gift and I will always express my appreciation no matter what it is as long as it is heartily given. 

And only a few searches in the web will give you enormous results already. Oftentimes I read it as well that a personalized gift always have a bigger impact to the recipient. Whatever customization you do or have done, whether it is for a customized t-shirt of the World Series or personal stuff, it always has a special place to them, knowing that you have exerted some effort just to have such gift. 

Anyhow, the point here is that the world wide web is indeed a big help to everyone in getting information on everything as long as intended for the right reason and purpose. Yet it can also be as destructive as an earthquake if abused or used to inflict harm to others. In fact, we have seen a lot of legal battles already that involves what was written and published on the internet. But this doesn't mean that our rights in the first amendment were being curtailed yet we just have to cleverly use and express our wit in an appropriate manner and medium.

Image from wikimedia commons.

26 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (part 1 - 2)

It was early this month when I received a call from the post office asking me where I like to deliver the package from the bank that contains documents for my son. So I told the caller if they can possibly dropped it in our local post office so that it will just be near to us. 

One day later, I got another call that the package is ready and waiting to be picked-up. Then a few minutes later, I went off to get it and I have this instinct that I should bring the passport of my son as proof of guardianship. And when I arrived in the local post office it took several minutes before they can even decide that they cannot give it to me unless I will produce them a “paper from the hospital”. 

YES, that’s the exact words or phrase perhaps that I repeatedly hear from the post office representatives in which they even concur it in their main branch. It is very weird to hear it and why on earth they don’t allow the passport of my son as proof of evidence. And they repeatedly said also that it is different from the paper from the hospital. I assume that this “paper from the hospital” that they have been talking about is the birth certificate of my son. There was absolutely a language barrier between us which I don’t have any choice as well for no one is there to translate.

22 October 2012

What’s Next for Lance Armstrong?

For cycling enthusiast, I am sure that you have known the news already regarding Lance Armstrong doping allegations. A few days back, I read from online sports news that Armstrong will be stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles if the International Cycling Union (UCI) won’t appeal the US Anti Doping Agency’s (USADA) ruling in banning him for lifetime. The bicycle racing’s world governing body is expected to announce their decision regarding the fate of the great Lance Armstrong today. 

And as many expect it to happen; the International Cycling Union announced that they are officially stripping Lance Armstrong of his 7 Tour de France titles. Then many suggests that this is an epic downfall of his illustrious career in cycling race as he became the only cyclist to have won seven Tour de France in a row, that was from 1999 up to 2005. 

So the question now is that, what’s next for Lance Armstrong after he was being stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles? Can things get any worse for him in both short and long-term situations? Knowing the fact that the company who paid for the winning prizes now wants it back and much more that they are considering legal actions. And many believe that the ban is only just the beginning. 

No matter which side are you with, it doesn’t matter anymore for it has been decided already. And even if the debate is over regarding his doping scandal but to the many fans of Lance Armstrong, the doping saga spoils the memories.

14 October 2012

Tearing Down the Fortress

In the world of gaming, it is next to impossible not to be familiar with Angry Birds. It has caught the fancy of children and adults alike. This is a game of trigonometrical calculations or miscalculations with the main purpose of tearing down the fortress of the egg-nappers who are pigs headed by the king pig himself.

The game is so easy on the mind that it tickles your childhood instincts. It tackles about how to bring the tower down with the used of the birds themselves being hurled through a giant slingshot and blowing up stuff in a consistent fashion, some birds splitting up in the air or boomerang back at a calculated point. This game is fun that even adults are hooked. New versions are coming up with different themes that add more life to the game. Themes like the space adventure that looks somewhat like the space jump of Felix Baumgartner, ice chilling scene and the like just makes it more appealing to kids or adults. 

It really helps to while away your time and takes you away from those more violent and morbid games of the assassins where one can really see how an assassin slits the throat of an unsuspecting guard or foe in the story. And you eventually end up like a walking dead creature.

10 October 2012

The Rivalry of Smarter Phones

I could still remember it very vividly the first mobile phone that I owned, which many have said that it is the most durable cell phone. It endures, probably not the harshest conditions but it has its own fair share of rough bludgeon, I would say. And despite the inhospitality that it sustained, it still serves its main purpose, to make and receive call and text messages. That was the important things way back then, more than a decade ago to be exact. And I believe that you know what model of mobile phone I am talking with.

But perhaps to the new generations, they probably don’t know what I’m talking about or what Nokia 5110 is? At least the internet has vast information that you can exploit to search for it if you can’t see anymore a sample specimen of this ice age model nowadays. And which I believe was already phase out in the production line long time ago or even in stores, more specifically because of the intense rivalry of smart phones. Which is fiercely fought by two giant companies as of the moment and Nokia, as I see it, seems to be lagging miles away in the backseat? In fact, they became virtually less known brand since the time I switched to the “tristar” way back 2005. 

However, Nokia is trying to comeback from the slump by introducing its own new range of smarter phones with eye catching designs and modern good looks. Many have said that it will compete in the smart phone’s tug-of-war yet that remains to be seen. 

And we will see… 

Image from wikimedia commons.

09 October 2012

Life is a Journey

Owning a car looks so simple and easy, but the truth is it takes a lot of your time and attention to keep it in top shape. Well, you really have to be sure that it is indeed in top shape since it is your partner in your everyday life. It takes you to your office, brings your family to parks and playground and even helps you with your business if you are travelling salesman. It is completely wrong that car maintenance is draining your pocket although you have to spend for the gas, the oil, the coolant and then schedule trips to the shop for routine checks yet those are significant in order for your investment to run smoother and last longer. 

On the other hand, car seats are one of the most neglected necessities of the car, I should say. Even with regular use, your vehicle's seats take a serious beating. Sliding in and out wears the upholstery and fabric. And don't forget the havoc that direct sunlight, dropped food, beverage spills, kids and pets wreak on your seats. To protect them, you need top-of-the line seat covers that are made from quality materials, like canvas, leather, neoprene and velour. Each pair of seat covers brings a totally unique feel to your seats while protecting them from stains, rips or other damage. So keep your ride smooth and hassle free by giving it the optimal care it needs. After all, life is a journey so enjoy the ride.