28 October 2012

The Two Sides of the Internet

I have written it in my previous post, although in a different way, of how the internet has help in so many different ways. And it will always be so as long you are using it in the right and appropriate way but you’ll face its destructive power, like Hurricane Sandy, if being used to cause harm to others. 

On the other hand, in the world of fashion and shopping it became a part of them especially that there’s already a growing trend in the use of online stores. In fact, it is already the first priority of most people when they shop because of so many reasons. First thing is that, everything can be done by just a click of the mouse and not to mention doing it at the comfort of your own abode even while your pajamas on. Then the product that you purchased can even be delivered at your doorstep. Some companies even deliver it for FREE. 

And most of the time, many have use the internet to hunt for discount coupons to buy the products of Bob Ross or promotional deals in order to save in your finances especially that there’s still financial crisis in most part of the world. So this is indeed a big help already when the budget is tight for there are still many utility bills to pay.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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